How To Engage with your Facebook Community…Strategically


Aditi Raghavan

August 8, 2014 3 min read

Updated on September 19, 2019

Let’s pretend for a minute that you are the social media analyst at an aviation brand. You would probably be faced with questions like: What are the pain points of your airline’s frequent flyers? Do you need a multilingual communication strategy? Should you reply once to each customer question on Facebook or have ongoing conversations, and how do you best staff your team to meet these requirements?

As someone who fields social media data everyday, a key challenge you probably face is connecting the dots. From our user research, we discovered that there isn’t always a connection between what the customer research business unit knows about a brand’s consumers, and what the social media team is aware of. While everyone wants access to the information because they help make data-driven business decisions, as businesses continue to grow, we understand that traversing the many departmental silos for actionable customer data that impact social media strategy is a significant hurdle.

If this challenge sounds all to familiar to you then we’ve got just the ‘hack’ for you. Try these three steps to uncover insights from Facebook conversation threads that will help back up your recommendations towards business and operational strategy.

Step 1. Identify relevant Facebook Posts among your industry competitors.

Running with the example of an aviation brand, let’s say you are opening a new international route, publishing posts with a worldwide focus and revisiting your social media communication strategy. Let’s zoom in on the type of posts we want to look at for our answers.

It could be engagement oriented posts around festivals and events such as this Father’s Day post by KLM.

Our answers could also lie within this ‘Selfie’ competition to win free tickets.

Step 2. Browse the Facebook Comments thread on those posts.

Just click on the Comments section below each post to open a pop-up to view all Comments posted by the brand’s Facebook community.

Step 3. Sort by Admin Replies or Date.

To drill down on what you are looking for, sort by the number of Replies or Date of Comments.

Here we can see that KLM has both; a multilingual strategy and doesn’t just reply but engages in conversations with the brand’s Facebook community.

Click through to delve into Facebook Comments insights from your competitor set now.

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