How To Detect Facebook Hits & Misses For Competitor Brands


Aditi Raghavan

December 2, 2014 2 min read

Updated on May 2, 2017

One of the key challenges of competitive intelligence gathering in any industry is to be and stay on top of new developments as they happen. Social Media is no different and being the first to know about new creative strategies rolled out by your competitors is paramount. However, knowing is just the first step.

The second step is attaching a value to that creative strategy –  an indicator of performance to your new discovery that helps determine and guide your next steps. On Unmetric, we just rolled out a new chart that helps you, at a glance, detect the volatility of brand Post engagement. Here’s how you can use it to head into that next quarterly meeting with confidence knowing what worked in the industry, for whom and why: 


Step 1. Select a Brand to Analyze

In the Analyze > Overview tab, select a brand you are curious about. I am going to pick Intel here because they typically have interesting Facebook Posts and engagement levels. 



Step 2. Analyze the Brand on a Page level

In the Page level Stats tab, scroll down a bit to reveal the new Engagement Score chart. Here we can see that Intel over the period of Last Month had quite a few hits and misses. On Nov 1 and 28, Intel’s posts racked up engagement scores of 1. The hits were on Nov 5 and 14th – these days saw engagement scores of 50 and 70 respectively. 



 Use these macro-view of variations in engagement to guide your competitive intelligence gathering and content strategy approach. Take a look at this chart to know what worked and what didn’t in a jiffy. 





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