How to Deduce if Your Competitor’s Creative Strategy Generates Authentic Conversations


Aditi Raghavan

August 8, 2014 2 min read

Updated on September 19, 2019

You know how we keep saying that competitive intelligence is all about staying ahead of your competitors? It is…but once you have all the intel on their social media content, how do you know if you should go down the same path as your rivals?

Going back to the start – should you even consider their strategy?

We’ve got a little trick in the Unmetric platform to help you validate a shift in your creative strategy based on your competitive set: Words-Worth. Quite simply, you can use Words-Worth to check if your competitor’s creative generates authentic conversations about the brand, their products or services or anything else that may be valuable in the brand owner’s universe.

Here’s how you go about it –

Step 1. Create a Competitive Set

Let’s go ahead and create a mock competitive set for moisturizer brands in the United States. In the main dashboard, you can edit your Group name for clarity, add or delete brands and select the sector you associate with the Group.


Step 2. Estimate Time Period

Decide the time period you’d like to delve into – perhaps you want to analyze the holiday season or a recent campaign that overlapped. Hone in on those dates and plug them into the custom time period on the top right hand corner.


Step 3. Jump into Words-Worth

Deep dive into each competitor brand’s analysis and Words-Worth tab. Once you are in, look at the Distillation of Keywords of Admin Posts relative to Fan Posts. Below you first, see the theme of creative put out by Nivea US between April-June 2014.


Now let’s see what the Nivea audience is talking about.


Looks like aside from Nivea products, quite a few promotions have made their way into Fan consciousness. This is definitely a call to action for a brand or its competitors to orient their strategy around topics that are on point with consumer conversations, or address any other issues that filter up in the visible word cloud.

You can also the same for Twitter under the Words-Worth tab split up by Tweets by Brand and mentions of the brand. 

To find out how you can find out if your competitor’s creative strategy is generating conversations, start your free trial today.



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