How To Create Custom Sectors for Social Benchmarking


Aditi Raghavan

August 8, 2014 3 min read

Updated on September 19, 2019

Do you sometimes feel brand categories just don’t work? Anonymous industry averages don’t cut it? A broad sector just doesn’t do justice to your benchmarking efforts?

We get it. Sometimes you need to know, down to the last detail, just how you and your competitive set fare against the slice of the industry that matters to you. With dollar spend, business objectives and strategic decisions based upon the performance of that very industry, those details really do matter.

On the Unmetric platform, you can create Custom Sectors with the brands in your industry that matter most to you to address this very challenge. Here’s how you can go about it:

Step 1. Create your Custom Sector

To get started, head over to the Settings page to the tab titled ‘Sectors’. Here you can create, name and edit your Custom Sector. For now, let’s create a Custom Sector called ‘Luxury Auto Brands’.


Click on the link to ‘Edit’ within the tile of your new Custom Sector. This launches a pop up where you can add brands from the larger industry into your Custom Sector.




Once you’ve added all the brands you consider important to the sector, you can view them by clicking on the ‘Added’ view option on the top right hand corner.

Step 2. Activate the Custom Sector

Now we get to the important part – activating the Custom Sector. In order to do so, simply click on ‘Activate’ within the tile of your Custom Sector.


Once you’ve done that, over on the Summary >> Manage Brands page, shift the sector of the Group with brands you wish to benchmark, to your new sector as you see below.

Here we shift the Competitor’s Group Sector to the newly created ‘Luxury Auto Brands’.



Step 3. Benchmark against the Custom Sector

We’re all done! Now when you deep dive into a brand’s analysis and click on Benchmark for any metric, you can see how the brand fares against the Custom Sector as well.


Custom Sectors don’t just help you paint a more accurate picture of your benchmarks. They enable you to compare industry brands based on factors you deem important – such as Fan/Follower size, geography or even demographic profile.

Need to add context to your sector benchmarking efforts? To find out how you can create a custom sector specific to your company or industry, click the button below and an Unmetric analyst will walk you through it.

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