How To Create a Pinterest Content Strategy Using Your Competitors’ Influencers


Peter Claridge

August 8, 2014 3 min read

Updated on September 17, 2019

You might be tracking your competitors and wondering how they are able to manage so many different boards with such a variety of images. The task of keeping a Pinterest board fresh with new images might sound daunting, but using the power of influencers, it’s actually quite easy and using Unmetric’s Pin-teresting analytics, the task becomes even easier.

Lululemon is a brand that takes Pinterest seriously, with over 61 different boards covering all manner of topics. Using Unmetric, we can see who is influencing Lululemon and in turn use that to help us populate our own boards. Let’s get started.

Step One: Add the brand you admire or compete against to the Unmetric platform and navigate to the Pin-teresting page

This table shows that there are ten users who are greatly influencing Lululemon’s content strategy. Let’s check out the top influencer, a lady called Guilia Christine by clicking on her name.

People that the brand repinned from

It looks like her boards are filled with great content for lifestyle and fashion boards and would be a good source of pins.

Giulia Christine's Pinterest Profile

Step Two: Understand which websites are influencing a brand’s pins

Next we want to see if Lululemon is pinning images from other websites. It seems that right now they are getting the bulk of their images from their own websites, and also Greatist.com with whom they have a partnership with to pin great recipes. It might make sense to seek complimentary sites to create boards covering different topics complimentary to your brand positioning.

Brand pinned from these websites

Step Three: Uncover the original source of the pins on the brand’s boards

Finally, we can dig one level further and see which websites are indirectly influencing Lululemon by seeing the source of the pins that have been repinned by the brand. Even though Lululemon didn’t directly pin from these sites, when it repinned others pins, Unmetric tracks the source of that pin. It looks like etsy.com and Flickr are big sources of content for Lululemon’s pins.

Pins originally came from these sources

By studying the Pinterest users and websites that are influencing other brands, we can quickly build a content strategy for multiple boards without all the research to find the best sources of content.

Click here to start uncovering your competitors’ and peers’ influencers and start quickly sourcing great content without all the time-consuming research. If you would like to can gain access to all this data, get started on a free trial of Unmetric today.


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