How To Create a Cross-Channel Social Media Report


Ranjani Raghupathi

September 8, 2016 3 min read

Updated on May 5, 2017

Less than 24 hours ago, we launched a cross-channel social media reporting capability. This means Unmetric clients can download a detailed comparison report for as many social profiles for any time period.


Here is how you download a report from the Unmetric Analyze Platform.

1. Choose the type of report you want to create.

Log in to Unmetric Analyze and click on the ‘Reports’ tab. You can choose between three types of reports:

  • An ‘Analysis Report’ gives you an in-depth evaluation for a single brand’s performance for the selected social network. (You can create an Analysis Report for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn).
  • A ‘Comparison Report’ will give you a report that compares multiple brands and their performance on the selected social network. (You can choose to download both Analysis and Comparison report in CSV, Excel, or PPT format. )
  • The ‘Cross-Channel Report’ measures the performance of multiple brands across four social networks, viz. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. This report will allow you to compare your own performance against that of their competitors.

Given the recent launch, we’ll be looking at how to create a cross-channel social media report.


2. Select the time period you want the report for.


3. a) One-Time Setup – Create a brand label and map your brands across social networks.

To download a Multi-Network Comparison Report, you must first create a Brand label. It’s one brand’s various social profiles, 1 from each social network. For example, if you’re comparing the brands Coca-cola and Pepsi across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, you’ll create 2 Brand labels, give each a name and add the respective Facebook, Twitter and Instagram social profiles to each group. This video will show you how to create a Brand label.

Keep in mind that this is a one-time set-up. After your brand labels have been defined, you don’t have to do it again. You can create as many brand labels as you like with any brand you’d like.

3. b) Once you have your brand labels in place, choose the brands and social networks you want in your report.


4. Choose the format you want your report and download!


I’ve chosen Powerpoint reports here. You can choose any (or all) format(s) you need your report in and it’ll start downloading.

Voila! You’ll have your cross-channel report ready to present at the next meeting. These reports are completely editable. You can add notes, insights or any commentary you’d like. See a sample report here.

If you’d like to download social media reports for your own brands, all you have to do is sign-up for Unmetric Analyze. It’ll take you less than 3 minutes and we’ll get you started instantly. Because you’re awesome we’ll also give you access to all our top features like Promoted Post Detection, Campaign Intelligence and everything else. Go ahead and sign up, it’ll save you hours.

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