How To Compare Your Pinterest Efforts In Four Easy Steps


Aditi Raghavan

November 18, 2014 3 min read

Updated on May 2, 2017

Sure, Facebook and Twitter are incredibly important for every digital marketer. However, with multiple other platforms and new apps burgeoning everyday, the attention of your virtual audience is divided among a roster of social networks. Pinterest, for one, has seen explosive growth over the past two years and is not one to miss. 

Here we show you how you can use Unmetric to benchmark, analyze and elevate your Pinterest efforts in four easy steps – 

Step 1.  Discover Your Pinterest Audience Growth 

Once you’ve added Pinterest Accounts that you would like to track, head over to the Compare tab where you will find the relevant sub tabs. 


Jump into the Followers sub tab. Here you will see how you stack up against your competitors by the number of followers you gained over a given time period. In the graph below, we see in the Luxury sector that Burberry received a significant increase in Followers in the last week. 



Step 2. Chart Your Publishing Volume

When it comes to ascertaining who is driving efforts on social in the industry, the volume of Pins published is a very dependable metric. View this chart under the Pins sub tab. 


Step 3.  Explore Pinterest Community Activity On Your Content

Under the Likes & Comments sub tab, benchmark your Likes to Pins, and Comments to Pins ratio to judge how much community buzz and activity your Pins generate. 



Step 4. Track Your Pinterest Virality 

When it comes to content, nothing beats having your content go viral. On Unmetric, you can track how ‘viral’ your publishing is compared to other industry players under the Repins tab. 



Easy, right? You can use these charts and download definitive metrics to flesh out your weekly and monthly reports with just the click of a button on Unmetric. If you are awesome and already have access to Unmetric, give this feature a spin now. If you would like to be awesome starting right now, just click on the button –

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