How To Analyze Twitter Customer Service Data For Your Timezone


Aditi Raghavan

September 2, 2014 2 min read

Updated on May 2, 2017

These days Twitter is the preferred customer service channel for consumers not just of brands, but of entire industries as well. You now probably have your hands full with metrics and data that you need to stay on top off, not to mention the barrage of questions that you need answers to – What’s the Average Reply Time to aim for if you fall behind? Or do you have enough folks on your Twitter customer service team? Or how do you make it work when your customer service team is based out of the United States but most of your customers are tweeting up a storm in Europe?

We get it – It’s pretty tricky to stay on top of all the data needed to help you answer these questions and make proactive decisions…without doing the math for timezones. +6 , -3.30, GMT, Daylight or no Daylight? That’s why we give you the ability to sync up your Timing charts and data with your preferred timezone for Twitter. It’s incredibly easy on the Unmetric platform –

Option 1. Set Your Preferred Timezone As Default

Step 1. Head over to Settings


Step 2. Select preferred timezone under Geography & Metrics


Option 2. Customize Timezone on the Fly

Step 1. Jump into the Customer Service or Timing tab/charts


Step 2. Select preferred timezone from the drop-down


With Unmetric’s improved usability, we give you plenty of control and customization options over your social media data. If you’re an existing client, login to the Unmetric Platform to check out this time-saving enhancement. If you’re not a client, what are you waiting for? Get started on your free trial today!



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