How The Top Australian Brands Got Social in June 2013


Martin Daniel

August 8, 2014 < 1 min read

Updated on September 18, 2019

How can a car save a relationship? That’s the question Holden asks and plenty of people went to click on the video to find out how. Coles proved that when it comes to getting your brand out there, boy bands have plenty of pulling power with the masses as they leveraged One Direction to create a viral video. On Twitter, Australian brands show the worls how to run highly successful hashtag campaigns, with Quickflix, Bupa and Kia getting in to the action.

On Facebook, where most Australian brands have a good presence, Commonwealth Bank creates a buzz with Dollarmites, Woolworths saw fantastic engagement around their contests and Hyundai Australia became the fastest growing auto brand on Facebook. Virgin Australia took good care of their customers as their replies came faster than any other airline.

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