How the new Tanishq ad dominated social media


Ranjani Raghupathi

August 8, 2014 3 min read

Updated on September 18, 2019

Tanishq made a bold move with its latest commercial. The advertisement is a revolution of sorts in the stereotyped and clichéd jewelry ad scene wherein it showcases a bride getting married for the second time. The ad wentlive on the 25th of October and has already brought in a wave of positive feedback and industry criticism. It wasn’t just a talking point on traditional media but found its way to the top on social too.


The initial post revealing the ad went live on 25th October on the brand’s Facebook page and another update was posted on the 27th.

Only 2 of 18 admin posts in the last week were related to the new TVC. The 2 posts together have garnered a total of 600 Likes, 70 Comments and 175 Shares. This is impressive given the number of Likes, Comments and Shares other posts from the brand received in the last week. In just 3 days, the post stirred fan engagement that was more than twice the average engagement score (calculated based on number of likes, comments and shares) of the brand.

The new TVC not only attracted Likes and Comments but also over 1,500 new fans. This is impressive since the brand witnessed a fan growth rate higher than the sector average. On the down side, the PTAT number of the brand fell, especially since the post followed their Karva Chauth contest.

Of the 45 Fan posts the brand received on its wall in the last week, more than 30 show appreciations for the ad.


In spite of the overwhelming response to Tanishq’s Karva Chauth contest, the tweet about the TVC was well received. The tweet with the most re-tweets and favorites is the tweet that introduces the “bride” and “groom” in the ad.

Though the brand has witnessed better engagement around contests in which the followers can win prizes, after the ad was introduced to Twitter, the brand received more than 200 @mentions (where a person specifically mentions the brand using the ‘@’ symbol).

Tanishq also guided those having trouble finding the ad with a YouTube link to the TVC. In an unusual twist, the brand publicly thanked its agency and film maker who made the ad as well as thanked its followers for the positive reviews.


The TVC was also officially uploaded to YouTube on the 24th, a day before the announcement on social media, following which the brand added 120 new subscribers and ramped up its subscriber base by 19% which is huge compared to the sector average of 0.8%.

The video has been viewed over 200,000 times and is slowly inching towards becoming the most popular video in the channel. It has 1,100 likes and over 200 comments so far, which is a first for the brand since the most watched video on its channel only garnered a little over 70 likes and 20 comments.

Tanishq has always boasted of creative, elegant ideas in its advertisements. Let it be the Mia Jewelry spot or the discount on diamond jewelry ad, they’re all beautiful films and based on real life insights. The ad feels like rain on a hot summer evening. It will hopefully serve as a key moment in changing the perspective in the Indian jewelry industry and with a little bit of luck, in the wider society as well.


The Facebook engagement score was used to rank how engaging Tanishq’s posts have been with its audience. The score is calculated based on the number of Likes, Comments, Shares and Estimated Impressions a post gets and enables benchmarking across brands regardless of the number of fans. All data was collected from the Unmetric platform and the date ranged from 22nd- 28th of October 2013. Gain access to all this data by claiming a free 6 day trial.

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