How The Car Rental Brands Are Driving Engagement on Social Media


Peter Claridge

August 8, 2014 2 min read

Updated on September 18, 2019

Just like every other cut throat market, car rental brands are using every weapon in their arsenal to increase reach and improve brand loyalty. Social media is another tool in the box to reach out and build that all important affinity to the brand. Being in the service industry, these brands not only have to think about engaging and being top of mind for travellers everywhere, they also need to be hot on customer service. A PR nightmare could only be 140 characters away, day or night.

Staying at the top of everyone’s mind and building community engagement on Facebook is Enterprise. The company leads in just about every metric we analyzed, outgrowing, out engaging and generally showing the other rental brands how Facebook is done. The brand is also hot on its customer service, replying to fan posts in just over 3 hours, way faster than the sector average.

On Twitter, Hertz is the king, with the most followers and most replies. However, keeping up is Enterprise, which impresses with the fastest reply time in the industry. Customers of Enterprise can expect to get a reply in less than two hours. This is crucial because even if a brand replies to every tweet, if it takes a day to reply it’s almost useless to a customer who might need assistance right away.

YouTube is more like a ghost town for these brands. Hertz made an effort on this platform a year ago but appears to have given up in recent times. With other sectors enjoying huge success on YouTube, the car rental brands could definitely improve on this platform.

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