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How Brands Celebrate Star Wars Day on May 4th

Peter Claridge


Star Wars day is something that has grown and grown in popularity with each passing year. The Internet, and in particular, Twitter, loves a good, obscure day to celebrate (think Ed Balls day) and Star Wars day offers the perfect combination of geek, mass appeal and opportunity for pun-filled content.

Here’s how Star Wars Day has grown over the years.


If you think that this growth is astronomical, you are right. Unmetric has tracked a staggering 5,500% growth in Star Wars day content being published by brands since 2012!

I’ve picked out what I consider to be the fifteen best pieces of brand content from #maythefourth based on the engagement and interactions that they’ve received.

The hashtags for the big day include:

  1. #MayTheFourth
  2. #MayThe4th
  3. #MayTheFourthBeWithYou
  4. #MayThe4thBeWithYou

Easily the most popular hashtag was #MayTheFourthBeWithYou, used over 4,500 times by brands in 2016.


I love the fact that NASA had to clarify that Mimas looks like the Death Star. As if NASA has any followers that haven’t seen Star Wars!

2. Heathrow Airport

I wonder if Obi-Wan Kenobi would say that you’ll never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy than at Heathrow?

3. Nissan

It might be 12 parsecs kind of fast but has it helped blow up two Death Stars and come with secret smuggling bays?

4. Taco Bell

This tweet from Taco Bell was promoted on Twitter and the creative was used across Facebook and Instagram as well.



5. Android

When 2,780 days you reach (yes, I calculated), look so good you will not. (But Android will always look good to me).

6. Falken Tire

One way to get involved in the conversation is to run a contest to win Star Wars goodies. This tweet was also promoted by Falken.

7. Greenpeace

Nice wordplay here from Greenpeace. Protect the forests, we must. Indeed.


8. Domino’s

Aren’t you kind of tasty for a Stormtrooper?

9. Xbox

Sage advice from the folks at Xbox, unless of course you like your arms to be ripped off.


10. GoPro

Now strapping a GoPro to the front of a Pod Racer, that’s something we at Unmetric would like to see!

11. Downy

But there is good in it, I can feel it.

12. MyDigi

I can’t believe the Jedi council would approve of such frivolous use of the Lightsaber.

13. Rolls-Royce

If the Naboo Star Ship is the Rolls-Royce of star ships, what does that make the Millenium Falcon?

14. Stone Brewing Company

Hopefully available in your local friendly Mos Eisley cantina!

Given that The Force Awakens was only released in December, I was hoping to see a bit more originality from brands this year. As I browsed through the May 4th Star Wars content from the past few years on Discover, it felt like brands had put a little more effort into their creatives than this year.

Sure, more brands than ever have tweeted and posted about #maythefourth, but I just felt it was a little lacking this year. Perhaps content creators can go back to efforts from the previous years (Discover is an excellent way to do that) and come up with something awesome for 2017 – by which time we’ll have content from the sure-to-be-amazing Rogue One film.