How Brands Can Use LinkedIn Analytics to Stay on Top of The Publishing Game


Aditi Raghavan

August 8, 2014 3 min read

Updated on September 18, 2019

In today’s competitive markets, networking through professional social networks has never been more important. Using LinkedIn, brands can connect with users, consumers, customers, decision-makers, potential employees and a whole host of other professional peeps.

In the feature set of our newly launched LinkedIn Analytics at Unmetric, we recognize an epiphenomenon in this developing frontier: LinkedIn as a publishing space and tool. Now, brands publish updates, long form articles and sector related developments on their LinkedIn pages turning them into content-rich overviews of the brand.

So, how does a brand know if they are pulling the right punches with their content strategy on LinkedIn? Do they fare well against their competitors in getting the attention of the key decision makers and influencers in the industry? These are some of the questions that insights from Unmetric’s LinkedIn module help answer.

Observe the Competitive Content Landscape

How does your brand compare against the other players as a content publisher on LinkedIn? With the competitive engagement score and likes, comments overview – brands can gauge how their efforts stack up against each other and who is driving industry conversations on LinkedIn.

Qualify the Richness of Brand Content Strategy

On a granular level, brands still need to figure out what kind of content animates the Business audience. Is it long form text or maybe, Multimedia rich updates? With the content type overview, brands can adjudge what content is popular in the industry and how to stand out from the rest of their counterparts.

Evaluate the Consistency of Brand Publishing

Brands may know that everyone is on LinkedIn and its the place to publish – but is every brand consistent? With the vast number of social platforms competing for people’s attention, which industry player is consistently publishing on LinkedIn and capturing its audience?

Measure the Resonance of Specific Types of Content

As forms of content evolve, their readership appeal can also be attributed to their structural qualities – do they have an image or link attached? is it a plain text article? Based on the sector, the LinkedIn audience may display a preference of certain types of content. By contrasting the engagement score with the structural features of LinkedIn updates, brands can measure the resonance of different types of content.

With Unmetric’s LinkedIn Analytics, brands can stay on top of the publishing game. For more on the Unmetric Platform, new developments and how to leverage our amazing features – Follow our ‘Continuing Innovation’ series or follow us on LinkedIn. You can also connect with us to give our features a spin with our free 6 day trial.

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