Traditional Holidays & Out- of -the -Box Brand Campaigns- Part II of our Holiday Calendars for Social Media Manager Series


Ranjani Raghupathi

August 8, 2014 2 min read

Updated on September 19, 2019

Traditional Holidays & Out- of- the- Box Brand Campaigns- Part II of our Holiday Calendars for Social Media Manger Series from Unmetric

Holidays usually guarantee huge engagement for brands. Our previous report highlighted how even the strangest of days are a big point of conversation. Last week, even Twitter rolled out an editorial calendar that tells you about upcoming events that might make tweet worthy content.

In a recent article on Social Media Today, Allister Frost, a Marketing Expert and founder at Wild Orange Media, explained how this will come in handy to social media managers while planning their editorial schedule. Frost mentions that though the two month limit on this calendar is a drawback, it might change if the trial is successful, “It’s a shame the site only covers the current and next month; hopefully Twitter will improve this if the trial proves a success.”

During our research, we found that brands that posted creative greetings received higher engagement than brands with ordinary ones.

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In just the first quarter of the year, Starbucks received higher engagement on their creative holiday greetings when compared to another brand, of similar demographics and fan base, that received less than half of Starbucks’ engagement on their ordinary greetings.

In this report, we bring to light the creative, out-of-the box campaigns that brands ran during regular holidays. It is a compilation of all the major holiday and events in a year.

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