From Content Creation to Performance Analytics to Sales Conversations


Ranjani Raghupathi

August 28, 2014 2 min read

Updated on May 2, 2017

In the ever-changing arena of digital disruption, businesses need to get better with their marketing. More than just having good content in place, companies need to be smarter with measuring and they also have to be proactive in keeping their sales teams in the loop. Here is what Forrester and Gartner have to say about the subject.

Forrester – Linking Content and Sales Conversations

The goal of the marketing team is to drive leads to sales. To do this, marketing teams are constantly creating content that is meant to catch the audience’s attention.  Often, there is a disconnect between the two teams which could impact relationships with prospects.

In this report, Peter O’Neill talks about the importance of aligning the two teams and enabling better conversation and feedback between them. Listing a few tools that simplify the process, he points out the need to integrate sales and marketing better.

Gartner – Performance Marketing comes of age

Over the past few years, marketing has gradually matured into a science, as opposed to the largely intuition-driven art that it was. With a new emphasis on lowering risks, measurement and analytics have become an integral part of marketing.

While the element of digital data is what differentiates traditional marketing from performance marketing, the audience-centric orientation in place of offer-centric orientation also sets the two apart. In his blog post, Jake Sorofman, research director at Gartner, discusses what performance marketing really is and why it is of great importance in this day and age.  

In this weekly series, we do a roundup of reports from analyst groups like Altimeter, Bain, Gartner, McKinsey, Nielsen and others, showcasing the ones most relevant to today’s digital marketer and digital communicator. Does marketing and sales still need to be further integrated in this day and age? Does Jake hit the nail on the head with his idea of performance marketing? Leave a comment below, or drop us a line on Twitter @unmetric.

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