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15 Most Engaging Indian Independence Day Posts

Darsana Vijay

Note – Though this post was first published in 2016, it has been updated multiple times, most recently in April, 2018.

As we get ready to celebrate 72 years of independent India, brands too are getting their patriotic shade on. I took a quick look at Discover, to see what top brands are up to this Independence Day.

Here’s a list of some of the top Independence Day Posts:



Bajaj Dominar

Cadbury Gems

Cadbury 5 Star

KFC India

Hyundai India



Citibank India


Renault India

OnePlus India


PlayStation India

 Godrej Interio

Most social media brand content around Independence Day seems to be offers and contests. Fans certainly won’t be disappointed with so many Independence Day sales all around. The more patriotic content that showcases the achievements that independent India has made over seven decades is a sure winner as well. Video content is getting a lot of eyeballs too. As you probably noticed, copy around the theme of ‘Freedom’ that projects their brand and their products are doing extremely well.

Take a look at last year’s most engaging Social Media content around Independence Day here. Sign up for a free trial of Discover to get access to an endless stream of awesome content ideas.


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