Employee Advocacy – How to tap into the Influencers you are overlooking


Darsana Vijay

August 1, 2016 3 min read

Updated on May 5, 2017

Remember the time when offices used to restrict access to Facebook during work hours? Not only is that a thing of the past, but companies increasingly encourage their employees to Post and Tweet now. Employee Advocacy is all about employees becoming evangelists of the company they work at. Social media is emerging as a powerful tool to tap into this resource-base. Employees can Tweet and Post about major events, share the social media content that is put out by the company etc.

Here are 5 reasons why you should be doing this too:

  1. Reach: Especially for startups who have to build up their social media circles from scratch, your employees connections are a powerful resource. Most of people in your employee’s Facebook list or Twitter followers know them personally. This makes the reach more valuable in terms of credibility.
  2. Credibility: Also, when someone who has worked on building a product or designing a service posts about that, it has more credibility than the same message from an influencer.
  3. Employee engagement: Most businesses today believe in making their employees feel invested in what they are working on. Introducing something that you have worked so hard on to your connections contributes to that.
  4. Almost no spend: For such quality publicity, you won’t have to spend so much. Getting in touch and planning becomes all the more easy when the effort involved is internal.
  5. Capacity Building: Employees too stand to gain. They can establish themselves as experts in the field on social media. This is a great asset.

Posts about life in the company too can go a long way in building your company’s image. Being a place where everybody wants to work at is surely something worth bragging. And who can attest to that more than people who already work there?

So, now that I have convinced you to try out employee advocacy, let me tell you what it entails:


Showing your employees how to use social media and telling them what employee advocacy is all about. Let me add (and emphasize) that it should be up to the individual employee to decide whether or not they want to do it. Social media has come to be almost a habit. Make sure that sharing brand content or workplace stories fits into something that the employee does.

Keeping your employees in the loop:

Most businesses put out content multiple times every day, spread across various social media platforms. Shortening the number of steps involved in your employees sharing content is optimal. Rather than spamming them with emails with content/cues to post, it is better to give them a feed that collects all of the company’s content in one place.

You can do this using Unmetric Track.

Track can help you stay on top of what your company posts on different social media platforms. It presents this in a beautiful visual stream. The best part, you can download the Unmetric app off the Play Store or App Store. Now, you can keep track of what your brand is up to on the go.


employee advocacy app
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You can easily share content published by your brand to Facebook and Twitter.


As with most other things social media, measure, measure and measure. Take stock of how many mentions, retweets, shares you got. Keep track of how many and what kind of leads these generated. Evaluate whether it is working out for you. Find out what you can do differently. Make sure that this step of the process, too, is collaborative and not just one guy yelling “POST MORE”.

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