How brands woo their social media audience on Valentine’s Day


Shrujitha Ramanujam

February 1, 2019 2 min read

Updated on February 28, 2019

Brands need to make the most out of every event or holiday that comes up to help boost their engagement and Valentine’s Day is certainly no exception. Brands creating Valentine’s Day editions of their products or coming up with witty missives for their posts have helped boost their social media engagement.

With brands getting romantic on Valentine’s Day, we fired up our Unmetric Analyze platform to present to you what marketers around the world have been up to, as we have done in the past.

Top 10 Valentine’s Day posts in 2019

Making people reminisce about their childhood on the day of love worked like a charm for this brand.

Fenty Beauty Valentine’s Day special post featuring Rihanna drove the engagement to over 500k.

Valentine’s Day has always been yet another reason for cosmetics sales to shoot through the roof and Kylie Cosmetics ensured they made the most out of it.

‘Pop your heart out’—this simple tagline and a Valentine’s Day version of the of the much-loved chocolate got this post over 700k interactions on social media.

A simple engagement bait worked like a charm for this brand.

A simple video that the audience relates to is exactly what worked well for this brand.

Yet another engagement bait that got this brand the highest number of interactions on Twitter.


This brand introduced a new product for Valentine’s day and ensured they promoted it using the upcoming Valentine’s Day.

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