Brands That Use Facebook 360 Photos


Peter Claridge

June 10, 2016 2 min read

Updated on May 5, 2017


Yesterday Mark Zuckerburg annouced 360 degree photos. This comes hot on the heels of 360 videos which were announced at the start of this year and have proven to be very popular with brands.

Taking 360 photos for Facebook is very simple, you just need to use the panorama app on your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy phone, or install a similar app from your app store.

The final result might not look quite like the post below, but you get the idea!

360 video and photos are a fast growing trend, particularly for brands. Google rolled out 360 photos several years ago and you can now take 360 degree tours in the Waldorf Astoria in New York, the Mall of America in Minneapolis.

The growth of the 360 videos and photos can be seen in the chart below. It charts the rise in mentions of the word 360 by brands on Facebook. This might not specifically refer to to 360 videos and videos but the rising trend can be seen – especially when Facebook added 360 videos in January 2016.


We’re keeping an eye out for brands that are making use of 360 photos and there are a few early movers and shakers out there. Here’s some that we’ve found so far using Unmetric Discover.

Samsung Mobile USA

Not the most engaging post from Samsung Mobile USA, but it is the third most shared piece of content that it has published in the last 30 days.


NASA is no stranger to epically engaging content and I’m sure we’re going to see a lot more 360 content from the space agency in the future.

Oregan State University

Of all the things to take a 360 photo of, I guess why not a small park? The photo served its purpose to take people down memory lane.

Oculus / Edge of Nowhere

The Oculus is tailor made for 360 photos and videos so it was no surprise to see the VR headset uploading two 360 photos on the day the feature was announced. Perhaps 360 photos are not such a big deal for the Oculus community as the posts weren’t particularly engaging.

Thon Hotels




Scotch & Soda




University of Oaklahoma


OLX Philippines


US Soccer


Palm’s Casino Resort


Resort World at Sentosa




Atlantis, The Palm


Monster Energy Gaming




The Laughing Cow USA

Since the announcement was only made yesterday, we’re sure that there will be plenty more brands (we’re looking at you Red Bull, GoPro and Lexus) publishing content today. We’ll be keeping this blog updated to showcase the brands that publish their 360 photos over the next few days.

This data was gathered using our Unmetric Discover application, a search engine of brand content from the last five years.


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