Brands from Singapore give their global counterparts a run for their money


Ranjani Raghupathi

August 8, 2014 < 1 min read

Updated on September 19, 2019

Singapore might be a country of just 5 million people but don’t think for a second that brands have it easy. New media or traditional media, the competition that brands face here is fierce.

We took a look at how some of the top brands that have set up shop in Singapore performed on social media and discovered some very interesting campaigns.

Audi took Facebook and YouTube by storm with the launch of its A3 sedan, with the car becoming all people could talk about. Even their TVC was viewed over 80,000 times and it has now become the second most viewed video on its channel. Scoot gave followers an opportunity to be a pilot on their Dreamliner simulator; all followers had to do was tweet the brand with the hashtag #FlyScoot787. Durex’s hilarious 8 minute long ad is something that out performed every other Personal Care brand campaign in the month.

Take a look at the report to find out how these, and a variety of other brands performed on Facebook, Twitter & YouTube in February. Don’t forget, most of the images are hyper-linked to the actual campaign page itself, so click through and immerse yourself in the top performing brand campaigns on social media in Singapore.


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