Brand & Group Filters are now available on Unmetric Discover


Lakshmi Kumaraswami

May 18, 2018 2 min read

Updated on May 21, 2018

After talking to a lot of our users, we’ve revamped Unmetric Discover to further kickstart your creativity.

Discover helps you find anything a brand has ever said about any topic by searching through 500,000,000+ items of branded content published by over 100,000 major brands over the last 5 years.

Here’s what’s new:

Filter results by brand or Group:

Filter your results to show content from a specific profile or even a Group you’re monitoring on Unmetric Analyze. And yes, you can still filter these results by industry, geography, content type and time period.

Show content from all networks:

Filter your results to either show content from either Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest or from all networks.

Discover new brands and add them to groups on Unmetric Analyze:

Provided you haven’t filtered your results by a specific group or profile,  your results will also feature a list of brands on the side. They indicate which brands your results are from and you can filter your results to only show content from these engaging brands. Found a brand you’d like to further analyze? Add the brand directly to a Group you’ve created on Unmetric Analyze here.

Multiple content selection:

Instead of adding content to a group one by one, you can now add multiple pieces of content to a board. Would you like to save all the content? There’s a ‘select all’ option.

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