Awesome Reports, Fan feelings with Sentiment and more


Aditi Raghavan

February 27, 2015 3 min read

Updated on May 2, 2017

Here at Unmetric, we’re constantly innovating and improving to give users the best experience on our platform. In just the last week, we added not one, not two, but six (s-i-x!) awesome additions to the platform – Configurable Reports, Customizable Sentiment, Share Link, Pinterest Influencers, Tweets via Twitter ads and an elevated version of our Facebook Insights feature. Here is what each feature is about:

Configurable Reports

Our Configurable Reports feature will be your new best friend. Not only will we deliver these reports right to your inbox but you can also export them as an Excel workbook or PowerPoint deck.

Find this awesome new feature under Reports in the Compare tab.

Customizable Sentiment

With Customizable Sentiment, get an in-depth view of how fans feel on a post by post basis – be it positive, negative or neutral.

Look for it under the Posts tab in Analyze where you can also customize the sentiment as per your preferences.

Share Link

When the lines in your graphs go up, share your brand’s success with our ‘Share Link’ feature. Click on the ‘Actions’ icon on the top right hand of any graph to generate a URL.

Facebook Insights

We elevated our Facebook Insights feature to provide details on your brand’s Facebook page including Page Clicks, Page post reach, and Page visits. Discover more in the Facebook Insights tab.

Tweets via Twitter Ads

Find Tweets motivated by social spend with our Twitter Ads indicator. Look out for the blue icon next to a Tweet.

Pinterest Influencers

Identify influential Pinners to create buzz for your brand under the Sources tab in Analyze. We’d love to hear your feedback after you take these features for a spin.

Not tried the Unmetric platform yet? No worries! You can access these and dozens of other awesome features by requesting a free trial. Go ahead and hit the big red button below and get started.

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