Analyst Debrief – Reports from Altimeter and Nielsen on Social Media and TV


Ranjani Raghupathi

August 8, 2014 2 min read

Updated on September 19, 2019

Social networking has changed the way we consume media. As a generation that is constantly connected, we leave data where ever we go. What does this data mean for the advertisers and in turn, for us?

We try to find answers for such question in this weekly series. Here we take a look at reports from analyst groups like Altimeter, Bain, Gartner, McKinsey, Nielsen and others, and showcase the ones most relevant to C-suite executives who belong to the digital era. This week’s selection delves deeper in to social TV data.

Altimeter finds what screen proliferation means for the Television industry

How we watch TV has changed drastically thanks to smartphones and the internet. As screens proliferate, so does the amount of data it generates. Altimeter illustrates ways to embrace this transformation and identifies ways to implement the new data set to drive competitive advantage.

Delving into behavioral studies and case studies, it also shows the reader where to find this data and what to make of it. Concluding with forward looking recommendations, the report by Susan Etlinger with Rebecca Lieb and Jaimy Szymanski is a must read for any brand engaged in TV advertising. You can download the complete report through this link.

Nielsen Social maps the relationship between Twitter TV authors and brand tweeters

A summary of their panel at the Consumer 360 event, Nielsen’s article traces the link between those who tweet about brands and those who tweet about TV. The research company found that a person who tweets about both TV and brands have twice the following as that of someone who tweets only about brands.

This find will help advertisers when diving in to the pool of social TV authors looking for influencers or ambassadors. Providing data on the connection between the two types of tweeters, Nielsen’s report is a gentle introduction to understanding the television audience on Twitter. Check out the original report here.

If you’d like to read more reports from analyst groups, you can keep track of our complete Analyst Debrief series. We’d also love to chat, leave a comment below or drop us a line on Twitter @unmetric.

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