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Ranjani Raghupathi

April 7, 2016 4 min read

Updated on May 5, 2017


Three months into the new year, and we already know this is going to be the Year of Unmetric. We added a few amazing features just for you – and we already know you’re going to love it.

Here at Unmetric, we’re all marketing enthusiasts. Every day we look to find ways to make the lives of marketers (all the various roles that encompasses) better, whether it’s by making our UI more user-friendly or by adding smarter features. So this quarter, we found three of the biggest challenges – or needs – marketers had and addressed them in our Analyze product. Before I get into the details of it, here is a gist of what we did:

Three months and three exciting features

  • The biggest of the features is the ability to now detect promoted Posts on Facebook within Unmetric. You can now find out which Posts have money behind them and compare their engagement metrics.
  • Secondly, Facebook rolled out Reactions globally in the end of February. Marketers were excited and skeptical at the same time about how it’ll affect their brand. We’ve worked in record speed to make Facebook Reactions data available in the Unmetric Analyze Dashboard.
  • Inspire is one of our most loved features. To make the content discovery search engine smarter, we’ve revamped Unmetric Inspire to understand Boolean operators, meaning you can now search for two or more keywords at the same time.

Detect Any Brand’s Promoted Posts

Remember when we launched a feature that could tell you which Facebook Posts were promoted and which were organic? It was only accessible upon request…’till now. Following many requests, and some long hours by our data scientists, we’ve added this feature directly to our Analyze product.

Now you’ll be armed with information on the promoted and organic Posts that have been published since February 5th, 2016. You’ll be able to see the money trail for over 35,000 Facebook brand pages across industries.

Users can filter promoted and organic Posts separately. We’ve demarcated the promoted Posts from the organic ones with the tags ‘PROMOTED’ and ‘ORGANIC.’


This Promoted Post Detection feature can be used to compare audience reactions and engagement metrics between yours and your competitors’ posts and improve your content accordingly.

Not only can you find this data in your Unmetric account, soon this data will also be available as a one-click presentable report.

Access metrics on Facebook Reactions

Since it was released in the end of February, Facebook Reactions have been all the rage. Users love it, brands are running campaigns around it and it has been one of the most exciting things happening in the social universe. We had a lot of people asking us for metric on Facebook Reactions and we were more than happy to work on including it into the platform.

Facebook hasn’t made the numbers available on their public API yet which means you can get Reactions numbers only for your own brand. However, as soon Facebook makes this data public, we’ll include into the platform so you can see how Reactions are working out for your competitors.

April 27, 2016 – Update: Customers can now access competitors’ Facebook Reactions data within the Unmetric Analyze platform under Facebook > Analyze > Posts > Brand > Engagement.


On a related note, we’ve done a research piece to see how Fans are using  Facebook Reactions and what it means for brands. TL;DR version – people are still obsessed with Likes.

Get better search results on Inspire  

Every day we hear clients tell us how Unmetric Inspire helped with their campaign creation and content discovery. Based on usage patterns and client request, we’ve revamped the search engine to recognize Boolean operators. This means you can now search for different variations of a keyword or even different keywords at the same time which will make your result that much more inclusive and filtered.


We’ve also given the feature a facelift to include tiles with the most relevant and popular search terms. With just a click, you can fast-track your results.New_Inspire.png

And there you go…three features in three months! Not only are we excited about it, but we’ve also heard a lot of positive feedback from marketers that use these features on a daily basis.

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