5 Last Minute Tips For Doing Real Time Marketing During the Super Bowl


Ranjani Raghupathi

January 28, 2015 4 min read

Updated on May 2, 2017

If you’re one of the brands that haven’t charted out a strategy to crash the big game this weekend and harvest your best ever results on social media, we’ve got just the thing for you.

In our last cross-continent marketing team conference, the big topic of discussion was game time marketing. As we were charting out our own game plan using insights gleaned from the Unmetric platform, we uncovered multiple different ways to leverage the event and wanted to share them with you.   

Irrespective of whether you already have a campaign running or just brainstorming for one, here are 5 last minute techniques that will help you this weekend and hopefully make the social universe notice your brand.

1. Don’t just make your content reactive, make it relevant

Nielsen found that over 84% of smartphone and tablet owners use their gadgets when they’re watching TV, of which 12-18% were following the show’s activity on social media.  With such a large portion of the audience dividing their time between the actual game and social conversations, it makes it crucial to get your brand on everyone’s social streams.

However, don’t forget every brand is hoping to leverage this reactive, moment marketing type content. AdWeek reported that Anheuser-Busch is setting up four command centers to tackle social media marketing during the big game. To stand out among the crowd, it’s not just enough to have your team watching the match in the office, it really makes a difference when you prepare in advance and have your design template or any other content collateral ready. Marshall Manson from Social@Ogilvy said to eMarketer “Timeliness is the keyword. It’s not actually real time that we’re after. What we’re after is taking advantage of something that people are already talking about and participating in that conversation.”

Once you have the perfect piece of content, the next step is to make sure it gets the deserved time under the spotlight and doesn’t get lost in all the noise. As part of your real time marketing, don’t forget to include hashtags and images. Buddy Media found that tweets with hashtags receive 2x more engagement than those without hashtags.

The Two Cents – Spontaneity needs preparation

2. Personification

The one big difference between mass media and social media is the ability to have, and join in on, conversations. Many successful brands have had extensive conversations with their community members and portrayed a relatable human side. During a live event, being able to reply and engage with the conversation isn’t very likely due to irrelevant nature of the content, but one thing brands do have the opportunity to bring to the table is their unique voice and messaging. AdAge did a feature on why “human” is one of the biggest marketing buzzwords. For example, Arby’s highly engaging tweet during the Grammy’s last year raked up so much attention by bringing out the human side of the brand.    

Rather than speaking at the social universe, your brand becomes a part of the conversation and is speaking with the digital community. Another big technique to help your brand get heard is to recognize and leverage influencers. A McKinsey study says that marketing-inspired word-of-mouth generates more than twice the sales of paid advertising. The whole fabric of virality is based on sharing. Once the bigwig in your social community notices you and spreads the word, there is nothing stopping you from social media stardom.

The Two Cents – Humans to brand conversations are great. Human to human conversations are better.

3. Look back, look around

Drawing inspiration from past campaigns, or keeping an eye on what competition is doing is a great place to start strategizing. Though there is no guarantee that what worked previously will work again, it sure helps in gaining insights in to how audiences reacted to a brand’s content. Collect all the data, slice and dice it in all ways to possible to determine why something worked and not simply what worked.

This could be as simple as Googling or doing an advanced search on Twitter. However to give you a head start, we put together a list of the top Super Bowl campaigns from last year.

The Two Cents – Research is your short cut to crafting and assessing your strategy.

4. Social networks come in all shapes and sizes

There’s no doubt that Twitter is one of the best networks for moment marketing. However, networks like Facebook, Instagram and others draw a large portion of online traffic and cannot be ignored. Depending on the demographics of audience you are trying to reach, it’s important to tailor content for the social network they are most active on. While Instagram is a great place to catch the attention of teens, YouTube reaches more adults aged 18 to 34 than any cable TV network, says BI Intelligence.

The network you chose should aid in achieving your brand’s business objectives. Start off by deciding the end goal you want to achieve with the micro campaign. Is it app downloads? Is it to encourage online purchases? Is it simple increase in engagement or reinforcing brand messaging? Once you know what you want from the campaign, zeroing in on a network becomes easier.

Keep in mind that focusing on one social network doesn’t necessarily mean going silent on others. Use a few other social networks as secondary platforms to drives traffic to your primary network and support your efforts on whichever site works best for your brand.  

The Two Cents – Reverse engineer your content and chose the social network that will help achieve your goals.

5. The right tool could make all the difference

Let’s be real, the volume of social media content is not easily managed. Doing your research, determining a social network, all requires a lot of time and effort. With the right tool, you could be gleaning insights at much faster pace and watching out for competition a lot more effectively. Whether you’re using a listening tool like TweetDeck or HootSuite, or publishing tools like Buffer or HubSpot, make sure you are fully familiar with all features of it. Did you know TweetDeck now allows you to send group DMs? Leverage review platforms like G2Crowd to assess the need of and add in new tools to your arsenal.

The Two Cents – Choose your tool carefully, it could be saving your precious time and help discover information you had no idea existed.

We hope your Sunday evening will be exciting and full of great conversations with your community!

If you want to take a bit more of a spectator view of brands getting involved with Sunday’s game, head over to our brand new micro site, Event Pulse. You’ll be able to monitor all the brand content as and when it happens across all the trending hashtags. You can customize all the content by industry and select which hashtags you want to see so that everything is relevant to you.


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