4 Ways To Harness Unmetric’s Game Changing Campaign Intelligence


Aditi Raghavan

August 8, 2014 3 min read

Updated on September 19, 2019

In the world of advertising and marketing, campaigns are the cornerstone of a brand’s effort across multiple media channels. They thread brand personality, imagery and resonance together in the minds of the consumer through repeated exposure across print, TV, radio and now, social media. Very simply, we remember brand campaigns for years.

For the first time ever using Unmetric’s unparalleled new feature – Campaign Intelligence, brands can gain valuable insights into social media campaigns and their performance. Through Campaign Intelligence, Unmetric identifies, sorts and analyzes campaigns across multiple social media platforms letting brands tap into the wisdom of social on competing brand campaigns to stay ahead.

So, how can you harness insight from Unmetric’s Campaign Intelligence module to undo the competition?

Get Wise To Epic & Ninja Brand Campaigns on Social Media

Campaigns on social media take on all forms – big and small and everything in between. Powered by human computing, our Campaign Intelligence module captures every concerted advertising effort. This way, you don’t just stumble upon campaigns with large TV ad budgets but also, discover consistent micro-campaigns run by brands for days, weeks or months. For instance, did you know Budweiser ran a long running #ThrowbackThursday campaign last year?

Gauge Campaign Engagement, Interaction and Resonance

On social media, brands running campaigns are just half the story. But, what happens next? With insight into the interactions and engagement seen by each campaign, brands can hone in on the exact measure and type of resonance by each campaign. Below you can see that Doritos’ “Crash The Super Bowl” campaign around the upcoming football event stands out among all the campaigns it has run in the past few months. Doritos is also beating out Pepsi’s Super Bowl campaign in audience interaction with an incredibly large number of Likes.

Observe Campaign Media Diversity

How multimedia heavy are brand campaigns? What structural features such as photos, videos, or links, do brands use in their campaigns? Answers to these questions help brands answer and estimate both the creative and monetary effort vested in campaigns on social media. Pepsi’s Grammy’s 2014 campaign showed a lot of diversity with Photos, Links and a large number of Videos in it’s Facebook posts.

Extricate Campaign Microcontent

Done right, people remember brand campaigns for years. Social media is no different in capturing the imagination of generations and just as taglines in the heyday, these days it’s the popular hashtag, keyword or catchphrase. Find out the specific microcontent driving the rudder of brand campaigns on social media to stay on top of how small form content has a big impact. Coca Cola does campaigns and does them right. With Unmetric, you can discover the hashtags that anchor a campaign and cross platform content for the same content across Facebook and Twitter such as #CokePointOfView and #RandomHappiness.

Keep following our ‘Continuing Innovation‘ series for more on how to leverage Unmetric’s cool new platform features. If you’d like to give Campaign Intelligence a spin, sign up for a free 6-day trial here.

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