4 Things Big Brands Do To Push Extreme Engagement Pinterest


Peter Claridge

August 8, 2014 3 min read

Updated on September 18, 2019

Unmetric tracks the Pinterest efforts of over 1,500 brands, yet a recent analysis of these brands revealed that only 150 of these (that’s, err, 10%) actually posted at least 1 new pin per week. When compared to other social networks, it does look like Pinterest is still not a focus for a vast majority of brands.

But for the brands that are on top of their game on Pinterest, what are they doing that makes them stand out from the crowd? Unmetric took a closer look at how brands like Better Homes and Gardens, L.L. Bean, Jetsetter, Lowe’s and Nordstrom made Pinterest an integral part of their strategy.

1. It’s not about uploading thousands of pins

Heels.com on Pinterest

There are currently three brands that have over 10,000 pins on some of their boards, Heels.com (basically shoe envy), Visit Norway (for some good old fashion Viking fun) and Campbell’s Soup (Mmm, food!).

Yet, the repin ratio is extremely low for these boards. Heels.com saw an average of just 2.67 repins per pin. Does this mean that all the female Pinterset users have got bored of shoes? Blasphemous, I say!

2. It’s all about the home

BHG on Pinterest

When we analyzed literally hundreds of boards, it was clear that there was just one stand out category: Home. Out of the top 50 boards, the ones which focused on the home had over 2m repins between them. A fairly close second was boards that contained recipe ideas while a distant third was boards that contained food like desserts and cupcakes. Weddings and fashion also feature in the top 5 categories with the most repins.

3. Use contests to get comments

Sephora on Pinterest

Interestingly, boards that had the most comments tended to be contest or orientated. Leading the charts as the most commented brand board on Pinterest is Purex, which pins contests and offers to one of its boards. HTC came in second place with their contest for a HTC smartphone designed with women in mind and was also won by…wait for it: a woman. Are you picking up a trend yet? Finally, we have Sephora, which clocked up over 1,500 comments on their contest board where people could win prizes each day. The prizes were various sets of cosmetics, for women. Well, there’s a surprise!

4. People really love weddings

Swarovski on Pinterest

When we started this study, we knew that L.L.Bean had one of the most followed boards with their irresistibly cute Woodland Creatures board. However, it turns out that super furry animals don’t translate in to engagement all that well (compared to say, homes, recipes and fashion). What really gets people to click the Like button are the wedding boards. Swarovski and Nordstrom between them command over 245,000 Likes on their respective Wedding boards.

To make sense of all this data, we put together a quick infographic to show you how the top brands have understood what the people of Pinterest want. Hopefully its enough to convince Harley Davidson that while they could pin images of their bikes, they really, really need to have a board about biker weddings, biker recipes and biker home decoration ideas.

Pinterest Infographic By Unmetric


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