21 best social media analytics tools in 2019


Veena Ramakrishnan

June 11, 2019 9 min read

Updated on July 17, 2020

Updated for 2019!

It’s quite evident that social media isn’t just a medium for communication and funny cat videos anymore. Social networks are crowded with brand advertisements, contests, free giveaways and much more that vie for consumers attention.

We all know how big a role social media plays for business. According to a G2Crowd survey, almost 80% of surveyed marketers use Facebook in their marketing efforts followed by Facebook-owned Instagram, at 61.2%.

This is all the more reason why marketers need insightful analytics tools that give key data insights on your social media performance to help fine-tune your marketing strategy.

Take a look at the list of tools we’ve put together to help you analyze your social performance.

1. Unmetric

Psst. We might be biased here, but it’s our blog so we’ll put Unmetric at the top 🙂

Unmetric is an AI-powered brand focused social media intelligence platform that helps companies gather reliable social media data to perform better on social.

This means creating more engaging content, getting more certainty around your social strategy and automating those tedious tasks like reporting.

There’s a host of features that will help you analyze your brand’s social media performance and make better marketing decisions.

  • You can dissect which type of your posts on social garner more engagement and at what time.
  • Using the tool’s hashtag tracker you can discover the most engaging hashtags used by your brand.
  • You can also benchmark your social media performance with competitors from the same industry.

But here’s my personal favorite feature:

Unmetric’s newest functionality now provides in-depth visual intelligence and analytics to help marketers decide which images engage best for their brand.

The color and object analysis will help you discover content ideas by searching for branded social content based on dominant colors and/or objects used within images and analyze their performance. You can filter the results further based on industry and geography. Now, how cool is that?

Here’s an interesting use case video on how the Red Socks Company created a hit campaign by researching what other brands did around Lost Sock Day using Unmetric.

Pricing: Starting from $1000 per month to monitor 30 brand profiles
G2Crowd Rating: 4.2

2. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is an extensive platform for all your social media needs. The solutions offered are comprehensive and essential to manage your social footprint. Their cross-channel integration makes it easy to manage all social accounts in one place. Some of its significant features that simplify social media management include scheduling, monitoring, and content curation. Hootsuite Analytics provides you with digestible insights that allow you to amplify your audience reach.

Pricing: $29 – $129 per month
Free trial: available for 30 days
G2Crowd Rating: 4.1

3. CoSchedule

CoSchedule is a one-stop platform for all your marketing needs. Their social media organizer helps to visualize your complete social strategy in one place. CoSchedule has more to offer besides their social media organizer. They offer additional solutions that help you track and manage your workflow and curate content. With CoSchedule it is easy to plan, execute and measure performance on your own channel analytics.

Pricing: $80 – $400 per month
Free trial: available for 14 days
G2Crowd Rating: 4.4

4. Brand24

Brand24 monitors and gives instant access to mentions of your brand. Brand24 is a great tool to help you reach potential customers and influencers. You can detect sales opportunities by using the app’s listening tool. In addition to that, the tool gives you real-time social insights on sentiment analysis and mention analysis. The tool even offers a view of real-time mentions of your brand online allowing you to react to consumer queries instantly.

Pricing: $49 – $499 per month
Free trial: available for 14 days
G2Crowd Rating: 4.6

5. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is a great tool to get content insights that best resonates with your audience. Their brand monitoring solution helps you to stay ahead of topics that are engaging with your audience. It also helps you create compelling content and keep a tab on what your competitors are up to. This is a comprehensive tool that offers an array of solutions to track your social and SEO footprint.

Pricing: $99 – $499 per month
Free trial: available for 7 days
G2Crowd Rating: 4.5

6. Buffer

Buffer offers all the basic requirements a brand needs to manage their social accounts. Using Buffer you can manage all your social accounts in one place. Scheduling posts and getting insights on their performance are the tool’s main features. All in all, this is a great tool to tackle all your basic social media needs.

Pricing: $15 – $199 per month
Free trial: available for 7 – 14 days
G2Crowd Rating: 4.3

7. SumAll

SumAll, an analytics tracking tool, automates your social media and marketing needs. The tool offers a daily email update on the top line metrics of content that best resonated with your audience. SumAll’s insights help you publish posts at the right time to the right audience. The charts are also useful in helping you get a better understanding of your brand’s performance on social. It also comes in at the best possible price: Free!

Pricing: Free for everyone!
G2Crowd Rating: 3.7

8. Cyfe

Cyfe is an all in one business dashboard that offers an array of compelling features. It helps track social media accounts and manage marketing campaigns. The tool offers a wide range of pre-built widgets to pull data and customize dashboards. It also allows you to create brand new insights by mashing metrics from different apps. Cyfe has access to your brand’s historical data to help you customize compelling reports with real-time metrics.

Pricing: $29 – $89 per month
G2Crowd Rating: 4.3

9. Salesforce Social Studio

Salesforce Social Studio is a social media management suite that allows you to listen to real-time conversations about your brand. By analyzing conversations, brands can curate content that best resonates with their audience. Their custom built dashboards allow you to get insights on the trending topics and gather market intelligence. The tool also offers to curate your content and manage them across all social channels.

Pricing: $400 per month
G2Crowd Rating: 3.5

10. Oktopost

Here’s yet another comprehensive tool for B2B enterprises to manage their social accounts. Oktopost offers solutions that maximize the social visibility of any brand. Using Oktopost you can execute marketing strategies through organized social media management. Their standout features include a data-driven employee advocacy program, audience insights, customized reporting, and post-level analytics.

Pricing: $65 per month
G2Crowd Rating: 4.4

11. TapInfluence

TapInfluence is a compelling influencer marketing platform. The tool garners authenticity for brands backed up by voices of trusted influencers to target a new audience. The tool helps you discover the right influencer for your brand to amplify your audience reach and get actionable analytics that shows your reach, impressions, and engagement on social networks.

G2Crowd Rating: 4.5

12. Reputology

Reputology is a review monitoring platform that monitors and analyzes brand reviews. This is a great tool to keep tabs on the reviews posted online about your brand. Instant responses to customer reviews garner a lot of engagement and brand authenticity. Reputology analyzes customer sentiment to help have a better approach to brand reviews. The tool also offers email alerts every time there is a review of your brand on Facebook, Google my business, iPhone apps store and more.

Pricing: $29 – $49 per month
G2Crowd Rating: 4.7

13. BrandMentions

BrandMentions is yet another tool that monitors the web for mentions of your brand. The tool notifies you with an email every time there is a mention of your brand on social media, allowing you to have instant access to crucial data about your brand. This web listening tool works great to have better engagement with your audience and have an ear to the ground on mentions of your brand.

Pricing: $49 – $299 per month
Free trial: available for 14 days
G2Crowd Rating: 4.6

14. Agorapulse

Agorapulse is a great publishing and reporting tool that simplifies social media management. Scheduling, posting and monitoring published content are some of the tool’s basic features. Their content report allows you to have an in-depth analysis of which content works for your brand. Agorapulse also offers a bunch of free tools like a Facebook barometer, twitter report card, and timeline contests.

Pricing: $39 – $239 per month
Free trial: available for 28 days
G2Crowd Rating: 4.5

15. Keyhole

Keyhole is an in-depth online monitoring tool that monitors brand campaigns and events. The tool taps into influencer marketing and market research to help come up with better campaigns that cater to your industry needs. It has a compelling feature that tracks hashtags and keywords that is most used on your social networks to help create engaging content for your brand.

Pricing: $26 – $179 per month
Free trial: available for 7 days
G2Crowd Rating: 4.2

16. Zoho Social

Zoho Social offers all the basic requirements to monitor and evaluate your brand health on social networks. It lets you curate content, tracks brand mentions, listen to conversations and schedule posts using their bulk scheduler. Using Zoho Social you can gain insights on your social media performance with visual reports and detailed analytics.

Pricing: $10 – $300 per month
Free trial: available for 7 days
G2Crowd Rating: 4.2

17. Quuu

What better way to reach your audience than with the help of an automated tool that delivers hand-curated content? Quuu curates content for over 500 categories that you can select from to engage and grow with your potential customers. With content curation automated, marketers have one less thing to worry about and can spend more time focusing on other aspects of digital marketing. Quuu offers a free plan for up to 3 social profiles to curate content.

Pricing: $19 – $50 per month
G2Crowd Rating: 4.5

18. SocialFlow

Social Flow is an efficient tool used by publishers and media companies to manage the distribution of social media content. SocialFlow ensures that the right content is posted at the right time. By publishing content when your audience is most active, the tool promises better engagement for your accounts. The tool also offers visual alerts of posts that are engaging best with your audience. With SocialFlow all you need to do is upload your content and leave it to the tool to deliver it at the right time to the right audience.

G2Crowd Rating: 3.9

19. Sendible

Sendible is a centralized hub for agencies to manage multiple social accounts for clients. The social inbox feature allows you to streamline all the messages and filter them according to the social networks for respective clients. The customized reports deliver digestible data showcasing the progress of your clients’ social media accounts with visually captivating charts and metrics. Sendible’s content recommendation engine makes sure your brand never runs out of content to publish.

Pricing: $29 – $299 per month
Free trial: available for 30 days
G2Crowd Rating: 4.3

20. Followerwonk

Followerwonk is a great tool to amplify your Twitter presence. The tool allows you to find the right followers for your account by analyzing their bios, location, who they follow and more. The tool even helps you find the right influencers in your niche to collaborate with. Using Followerwonk you can compare profiles to detect overlaps and target a new audience.

Pricing: $29 – $79 per month
G2Crowd Rating: 4.3

21. Tailwind

Tailwind is a comprehensive tool for winning on Pinterest and Instagram. You get complete brand insights on how your content performs on Pinterest and Instagram. Its Smartloop feature is an automated system that helps you reshare your best content on Pinterest to drive traffic. The other top line features include scheduling posts, analyzing results and monitoring conversations. The hashtag finder suggests the best hashtags you can use on Instagram to amplify your reach and engagement.

G2Crowd Rating: 4.5


Social media marketing can be tough to crack but with the right tools and marketing strategies, you can achieve social success. The tools listed in this article come with a lot of use cases in analytical solutions. Execution of marketing strategies is made hassle-free by choosing one or many of these tools that best suit your marketing needs and goals.

If we missed your favorite tool, send us a tweet @unmetric and we’ll add it to the list!

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