2015 – The Year of Bigger Social Budgets and Smarter Content


Ranjani Raghupathi

November 13, 2014 < 1 min read

Updated on May 2, 2017

It’s time to convince your boss to give you the bigger social media budget that your team deserves, and impress them with smarter, more agile content.  

ForresterSecure Your 2015 Social Marketing Budget Now

Social media has become an essential part of your marketing mix, yet the hesitation to allocate an exclusive budget to the interactive media has still not tapered. In your attempt to convince the C-suite executives, Forrester’s report helps you talk to them in their language and make a case for the requirement of a more generous social media budget.

GartnerContent Marketers Should Adopt Newsroom Habits

Content has evolved multifold with digital media. With the accelerated demand for content, creation needs to evolve at this point. Gartner’s blog post shows how following habits of a newsroom could be beneficial for content creators as well. Find out the unique roles and methods your team could adopt to get faster and smarter with feeding the content marketing beast.

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There isn’t one without the other, and when the three come together they become a super power. Read ahead to find out what prestigious research groups have to say about the three essential elements of business communication.  


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