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Social Media Shakedown of Top UK Brands in January 2014

Ranjani Raghupathi

January is the month of new beginnings and fresh starts for people and brands alike. New contests, innovative campaigns, crazy offers; name it, the brands did it all. Take a look at how brands in UK kick-started the year on social media.

Evian (kinda sorta) brought back their babies with the #LiveYoungJanuary campaign. The campaign received over 14K likes on Facebook. Land Rover encouraged its Twitter followers to not hibernate with the hashtag #Hibernot and took them all on a tour around UK. The hashtag ended up becoming the most used by brand and users.

Newcastle Brown Ale received 2.6 million views on their bold “what-could’ve-been” Super Bowl campaign. Innocent Drinks ‘did good’ for itself and others with their new video, which in less than a month became the top video on their YouTube channel.

Then there was AO.com which encouraged people to simply ‘Like’ a Facebook post to be in with a chance to win a whole range of home and kitchen appliances. Needless to say, it went down extremely well with fans, with some posts getting over 24,000 Likes and scoring a maximum engagement score of 1,000.

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Top UK Brands on Social Media – January 2014 from Unmetric


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