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5 Halloween Posts that make you want to go trick or treating again

Ranjani Raghupathi

There are 2 kinds of people in this world; those who love Halloween candy and in a bizarre twist, those who love Halloween candy. Costumes might be fun, but to a child, they’re nothing compared to the plastic bucket of overflowing candy. Halloween is like a mini Christmas for candy brands, with the roads being flooded with trick or treat-ers, everyone is stocking up on chocolates. Take a look at how some of the brands are leveraging this holiday.


The Swiss chocolate company posted not one, not two, but five updates centered on Halloween. The post below engaged best with the most Shares and Likes. The post also received the highest engagement score when compared to other posts from the brand in the last week.


Less is always more. The post below from Hershey’s is witty yet simple, and boy, is it true! The post is one of two Halloween posts the brand sent out.


The candy brand has always been a regular at posting timely and fun holiday greetings. This cute post features the M&M gang all costumed up. It was shared by over 6,000 fans and scores the top engagement of 244.


Twix’s posts points out the obvious: chocolate, caramel and cookie can DEFINITELY put a spell on me and I think they already have. The candy bar dresses up as a witch for the occasion and ends up being more tempting than scary. This other post by them about Halloween was probably borrowed from one of my dreams. Both posts engaged well above the average post from the brand.


This was the post that brought in the highest engagement for the brand in the last week. A dancing skeleton made of Snickers. Totally adding that to my decorations list for next year. The post was also the most shared post.

Special Mentions

Lipton and Heinz Beans posted some very interesting updates during Halloween. Though they don’t stand out in terms of engagement, we love their spooky element!

Ghouls and goblins, vampires and more, now these are all Halloween candy I can’t ignore. I write this article while stuffing as many peanut butter cups my mouth can hold and I can’t help but realize how holidays are major engagement bazookas for brands.

Holiday greetings are a fixed feature in the social strategies of many brands and if the past has shown us anything, it is that these greeting always work. Though not many brands have leverage this day, we’re positive they’re going to compensate during Christmas and New Year. Until we’re back with more exciting stories, here is a post of a delicious treat that will absolutely make you drool.


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