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16 Brands With the Most Engaging Memorial Day Facebook Posts

Ranjani Raghupathi

Note – Though this post was first published in 2013, it has been updated multiple times, most recently in May 2017. 

This Memorial Day, it wasn’t just the citizens of the United States who paid homage to the brave warriors; major brands too took some time out to pay their respects. Though patriotism was the theme of the day, some brands didn’t refrain from posting whacky, offbeat content.

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1. U.S Navy
Engagement Score: 2854

US Navy

Memorial Day couldn’t be more important to any group as would be to one from the Armed Forces. This post generated the highest engagement score out of every post. The man in the image is seen standing in a cemetery of the warriors paying his respects to them.

2. Do Something
Engagement Score: 1666

Do Something

‘Do something’, the not-for-profit organization which works with youngsters to bring about social change, wished fans a long and relaxing weekend. The picture of the 107-year-old veteran blessed with great health and youthfulness stunned fans. Comments poured in conveying wishes to him and all other such heroes.

3. Lockheed Martin
Engagement Score: 1515

Lockheed Martin

The greeting from this advance technology brand came a little earlier than the day itself. The decolorized image with just the flag in color is a beautiful portrayal of what the day stands for. The post was shared close to 1,500 times but was commented on by only 17 people – sometimes words are not enough.

4. Sauza Tequila
Engagement Score: 1395


For many people, Memorial Day is more about a long weekend, a BBQ with friends and the start of summer. Sauza jumped in to help those posed with the difficult choice of picking between their two favorite alcoholic beverages and introduced the new “Sauza-Rita”.

5. Skinny Girl Cocktails
Engagement Score: 1317

Skinny Girl Cocktails

One more unique greeting came in from Skinny Girl Cocktails. The post equips fans with the top 10 ‘must haves’ for the long weekend as well as some must have cocktail recipes. It obviously struck a chord with Skinny Girl fans as they Liked it and Shared it more than many other more somber Memorial Day posts.

6. It Works
Engagement Score: 1075

It Works Global

The brand acknowledged the fact that the Memorial Day weekend for a large number of people is more of an occasion to spend with family and enjoy a BBQ feast. The brand reminded people that while they party hard and fire up the grill it’s also important to fire up the metabolism. A little bit contrived, but it definitely worked and engaged well with fans.

7. Petco
Engagement Score: 492


Think Memorial Day is only for humans? Think again. Man’s most loyal friend, canine heroes also deserve to be appreciated on this day. This is one of the very few animal based posts which didn’t bank on the cuteness factor. Petco’s paid homage to the canine heroes with a picture of Lucca, a German Shepard, nominated for the Dog Hero awards.

8. The U.S. Army
Engagement Score: 850

The U.S Army

The U.S. Army posted a picture of a soldier marching across the Arlington National Cemetery. The iconic ground being the ultimate reminder of the many heroes who lost their life in action tugged at the emotions and patriotism of the fans. The post received over 22,000 likes.

9. Wounded Warrior
Engagement Score: 847
Wounded Warriors

The Non-profit organization Wounded Warriors’ mission is to empower the soldiers who have been injured in action. The post shows pictures of soldiers who overcame challenges to get back on their feet and continue to have normal lives with their loved ones. Around 24,000 fans have liked this post and more than 6,000 fans have shared them.

10. Amazon
Engagement Score: 815


The sacrifices of all those who have fought and served the country should never be forgotten. This post, different from Amazon’s usual content strategy, received the highest number of likes and shares out of all the Memorial Day posts.

11. PetFlow-Pet Food Delivery
Engagement Score: 714


With Memorial Day falling on a Monday, the long weekend offers a time for all to relax with friends and family. The post is a cute and cuddly reminder to enjoy your weekend. The post received over 10,000 likes and close to 5,800 shares.

12. Chevrolet
Engagement Score: 614


The real American pride, the Chevrolet Camaro is seen in the post above painted on with all that is American. With a great American bald eagle painted on the front bumper, the Camaro sure looks like a magnificent machine. The post received over 7,000 shares.

13. Whataburger
Engagement Score: 496


On a less somber note, Whataburger announced that their collection of delicious ketchup and mustard is available at various shops. This post received the highest number of comments ‘Whatanepicfeat’. Just goes to show that Memorial Day for many is the chance to BBQ with friends!

14. Kay Jewelers
Engagement Score: 432

Kay Jewellers

Red, White, and Blue. Kay Jewelers kept it simple and posted a picture of the American flag with the words ‘Celebrate those who serve’. This post brought in a lot of comments from the near and dear of those who served the country. The post was liked by over 6,500 Facebook fans.

15. Petcentric by Purina
Engagement score: 424


Man’s best friend, both in battle and in the backyard. In the post, a German Shepard who probably works as a bomb sniffer is shown posing next to a soldier on the field after a hard day’s work. The post again reminds fans that the day is not just a time to appreciate the sacrifice of human soldiers but also a time to remember the brave animals.

16. Budweiser
Engagement score: 422


While beer connoisseurs endlessly debate the shortfalls of Budweiser compared to various upcoming microbrewery offerings, one thing that can’t be denied is the patriotism of Budweiser. No flags required, just a toast to the heroes of America. The post received close to 35,000 likes and 6,500 shares on Facebook in just one day.

Honorable mentions:

A special mention for Clearblue which surprised all of us when we compiled this report. Clearblue received a massive amount of engagement for their Memorial Day post, more than you would think for a pregnancy test brand. Subway received the second highest number of Likes for its Memorial Day post, with over 53,000 people liking the post. It also placed third for most number of shares with 7,000 shares, yet it failed to make the top 16 list due to the high number of fans – they needed more shares and likes to push up the engagement score.

A good performance all round from a variety of brands. Most brands stuck with their brand personality and posted something you would expect of them. It would be a little bit unusual for a hard liquor brand which focuses on the fun to be saluting the fallen.



All data has been compiled using Unmetric Discover which tracks over 500 million pieces of branded content published by over 100,000 major brands across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.