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12 of the Most Engaging Father’s Day Facebook Posts

Peter Claridge

Best Father's Day Facebook PostsAh, Dads. Fathers. Papas. More often than not seen as the bad cop in the good cop/bad cop mother-father relationship. The one you were most fearful of as a child but the one you most wanted to make proud. Or was that just me? Oh-kay then, leaving personal issues aside, it can’t be denied that the expected role of Dads has changed enormously over the last 20 years or so. Media and brands encourage fathers to be the ‘complete’ man; one that is actively involved in the upbringing of the children rather than a periphery figure – and, like mothers, a parent that needs to be celebrated.

Whether or not Dads appreciate Father’s Day as much as Mums appreciate Mother’s Day is something I’m sure I’ll find out in the years to come. Luckily for me though, I have a Dad who hasn’t heard of this “social nonsense” and a sister who lets me sign my name in the card she bought for Father’s Day. However, if we were to draw conclusions based on social media (which we like to do, here at Unmetric), it’s quite clear that sons and daughters want to take the opportunity of Father’s Day to say thanks to their Dad – even though in all likelihood he’s probably not even on this new fangled TwitBook thing. Still, at least all your friends know that you love your Dad.

Just like in our Mother’s Day analysis, we looked through our database to find the most engaging Father’s Day Facebook posts. The list below is comprised of the 12 most engaging posts, ordered by Unmetric’s Engagement Score. This evens the playing field for all brands and means that even if a post has more Likes/Comments/Shares, it’s not necessarily the best.

It’s very interesting to see that two Philippines based pages, brands owned by Nestle, saw sky high engagement rates for virtually the same image.

Kit Kat Philippines

Engagement Score: 1,066

Well this is a huge surprise for me and everyone else in the Unmetric office when I showed them the data. The most engaging Father’s Day 2012 post came from a country that has barely been mentioned as being at the forefront of social media. The reason it’s ranked so high is because it has just 5% of the number of fans of Walmart, yet received an almost equal number of Shares. It’s not even as if the image is particularly appealing or emotive, however there is a call to action, telling people what they need to do to ‘prove’ their love for dear Papa.

Kit Kat Philipines Father's Day Post

Nescafe Philipines

Engagement Score: 474

Ah, I see what’s going on here. Kit Kat and Nescafe are both owned by Nestle. It looks like the same team or agency is involved with the social media for all their brands in the Philippines. That said, we still can’t work out how this image is the most engaging out of everything that was posted on Father’s Day – even with the call to action to get people to share it. What other conclusion can we draw from this other than people from the Philippines are impressively vocal about their love for their Dads. If you have thoughts or opinions, we’d love to hear your input in the comments below.

Nescafe Father's Day Post


Engagement Score: 417

What a social media powerhouse, and it shows in our Unmetric Score too; Walmart has consistently scored 100/100 for the Retail sector since we introduced the Unmetric Score early in 2012. Walmart has gone for the cute and emotive option with their penguins image below, possibly a nod to the success of the Happy Feet films. Walmart included a call to action, asking people to “Like” the post to show their appreciation for their Dad. With over 72,000 Likes, it’s more than double what the next best brand could come up with.

Walmart Father's Day on Facebook

Audi USA

Engagement Score: 327

Nothing gets guys to engage quite like car porn. No fancy quotes here, no emotional pictures that pulls on the heart strings, no love hearts and certainly no fluffy animals. Just pure engineering beauty. Exactly the way Dads like it. And if it gets me any closer to getting my Dad to buy me an Audi R8, I’d share it, like it, comment on it and then print it out and give it to him, because he’s not actually on Facebook.

Audi Father's Day Post

Pizza Hut Celebrations

Engagement Score: 316

The first two slots were from the Philippines (seriously, how?!), the second two were from America and coincidentally the next two are also from the same country, India. As we found out in our Mother’s Day analysis, India has become something of a powerhouse of social media savvyness, with many Indian brands and India focused pages dominating our Unmetric Score tables. The Pizza Hut Celebrations page posted an emotive caption in an image, although I’m a little bit creeped out at the thought of a Dad being the daughter’s first love. No call to action on this post, none is needed, kids in India are proud of their Dads.

Pizza Hut India's Father's Day Facebook Post

Cadbury’s Celebrations

Engagement Score: 290

The Cadbury’s India Facebook page has gone for a chocolate delight in their photo. Once again, no call to action required, the kids of India want their friends to know how much they appreciate their Dad. It’s interesting to note that in India, over 95% of Facebook users are under the age of 30, so it makes us wonder who these users were sharing the photos for or what the motivation for sharing the photo is. The Mums and Dads of India are unlikely to see the photo, which could mean that the fans are sharing it so that their friends know they love their parents.

Cadburys' Father's Day Facebook Post



Engagement Score: 250

The only page that featured a short video about Dads for Father’s Day. It’s clear why the post got on this list: the video certainly has that “awww” factor. Given that 95% of the fans for Tide are a 30-something married female (no, seriously, I know you’d never have thunked it!), it’s likely that the Mums were sharing the video amongst themselves and group “awww’ing” at the Dads playing with the kids. I’m a little concerned that the call to action says “share it with your favorite Dad“, does that mean you’ve got to choose if you have a natural father and a step-father?! Yikes! Talk about putting your fans on the spot, Tide!

Tide's Father's Day Post

Hot Topic

Engagement Score: 237

How did this post not get higher engagement? I mean, how? It has Darth Vader, and Vader was a Dad who made the ultimate sacrifice to save his son. Yes, he had previously chopped off the hand of said son, spread misery and death throughout a galaxy far, far away and committed mass genocide in the Jedi Palace…but in the end he proved that he was still a Dad. Furthermore, I’m pretty sure that most Dads would totally ‘get’ this image and would be making lightsaber sounds the moment it popped up on their news feed.

Hot Topic's Father's Day Facebook Post


Engagement Score: 231

You want to know a shocking little secret? Even though they’ll never admit it, I reckon most Dads have a secret soft spot for Disney. My own Dad would be mortified if anyone found out that one of his favorite movies is Toy Story. Maybe there’s just something that they can relate to as Pongo relentlessly searches after his pups and risks skin and fur in 101 Dalmations. In this image, I’m pretty sure the look on Pongo’s face says one thing: He has a proud.

Disney's Father's Day Post

SpongeBob SquarePants

Engagement Score: 173

I’m going to risk all my credibility and reputation here and admit upfront that I’ve never seen a single episode of SpongeBob SquarePants. My limited knowledge extends to knowing that he’s some kind of sponge and presumably lives underwater. However, with over 35 million fans, I can see that I’m in the minority when it comes to knowing who or what this talking sponge is. The page registered huge engagement for Father’s Day without even requiring a call to action for the fan.

Sponge-Bob's Father's Day Facebook Post

I Heart Radio

Engagement Score: 164

Bizarrely, we only added this brand in to the database last week and it’s made it to one of our top brands lists already. Congratulations, I Heart Radio! This brand has gone for a double whammy engagement driver with both a photo and a ‘fill in the blank’ question. The ‘fill in the blank’ type posts drive huge engagement via comments, as this post demonstrates. Despite having less than 10% of the fans, it very nearly received as many comments as the SpongeBob post and is not far behind Walmart’s post.

iHeart Radio's Father's Day Post


Engagement Score: 131

Docomo, kings of social media in India, went with an emotive picture and quote that got thousands of fans liking it and a couple of thousand people sharing it. I’m not entirely sure how you join a telecoms company in celebrating the spirit of Fatherhood, but apparently 17,000 people did so who am I to argue! Docomo’s dominance of social media is in part thanks to their willingness to talk about engaging subjects not related to boring old telecoms. You’ll find posts about sports, celebrities and even politics actively discussed on their page and with the levels of engagement they get, it’s a winning strategy for them!

Docomo's Father's Day Facebook Post

And so our round up of the 12 most engaging Father’s Day posts ends here. There were other brands who didn’t quite make the cut like Angry Birds and Coke, to name but two. Writing this blog post has made my inquisitive little mind curious to find out which parent got the most social media love from Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. It’s an analysis I’ll have to do when I get some time, but I think it will make for interesting reading! Moms Vs Dads: The Social Media Showdown.

Anyway, leave a comment below if you’ve got any theories on just how two brands from the Philippines managed to beat the likes of Disney and Walmart on Father’s Day.

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