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The 16 Most Engaging Mother’s Day Facebook Posts

Peter Claridge

Note – Though this post was first published in 2012, it has been updated multiple times, most recently in April, 2017. 


In this post we look at the top Mother’s Day content from over the years. Using Unmetric Inspire, we’ve found brands that create engaging content and analyze their strategy to understand what works best on social media.

Mother’s Day is a retail holiday. There. I said it. Though I can figuratively hear angry gasps from mothers all around the world, the fact remains. While moms wil probably be happy with a simple home made gift (it’s the gesture that counts right?), brands encourage you to pamper her in every way that money can possibly buy.

Most brands will never miss a trick when it comes to an opportunity to engage with their digital audience. Mother’s Day is no different. Over the years, everyone from major banks to telecomm companies have started to get in on the act with mostly sentimental, sometimes cute and occasionally tongue in cheek messages. Some brands saw better engagement than others, and companies that posted organized contests or offered free giveaways saw far higher engagement than those that did not.

Here are a few of the top Mother’s Day Posts in the last few years.

Top 5 Mother’s Day Posts of 2015

Country Crock

Engagement Score: 1,000

Seventh Generation

Engagement Score: 1,000

American Kennel Club

Engagement Score: 1,000


Engagement Score: 1,000

The Home Depot

Engagement Score: 999


Food Network

Engagement Score: 1,000

Mary Kay

Engagement Score: 1,000


Caribou Coffee
 Engagement Score: 998


Calvin Klein

Engagement Score 925


Barnes & Noble

Engagement Score 905

No time for an elaborate campaign or contest? Keep it real like Barnes and Noble. A simple greeting always works.



Kraft Dressing

Engagement Score: 3,889

Kraft Dressing’s Mother’s Day wish came from their rather dishy hunk. As he posed half naked, he urged the fans to wish their mothers a “Zesty Mother’s Day” with flowers. The handsome hunk, flowers and Kraft’s dressing sure have added up to a Zesty Mother’s Day for the brand.


Kraft Dressing Mother's Day

Vodafone Zoozoos India

Engagement Score: 1,054

Vodafone’s Mother’s Day greeting came from its insanely popular ZooZoo characters, the India based page is currently ranked number one in telecom brands based on the Unmetric Score. As the young ZooZoos give their Mom presents, Vodafone also wished Moms all over the world a Happy Mother’s Day.


Vodafone Zoozoo's Mother's Day Post

PetFlow – Pet Food Delivery

Engagement Score: 1,036

Thought Mother’s Day was just for humans? This super cute post from PetFlow reminds us that moms are special no matter what the species. The picture of a mommy cat and her baby, who looks exactly like its mother, brought in a LOT of wows, so cutes’ and awwws. Tell us someone who wouldn’t smile when they see the baby kitteh!


PetFlow Mother's Day

M&M’s U.S.A.

Engagement Score: 857

M&Ms Mother’s Day greeting was quite similar to its post from last year. Three M&Ms posed to spell out Mom. The candy people asked to be shared with Moms. Now which Mom wouldn’t love to receive chocolates on her special day?


M&Ms Mother's Day Post

Engagement Score: 714

Disney has always portrayed love, family and very motherly emotions in a large number of its cartoons. This picture, from 101 Dalmatians, reminded everyone of the classic cartoon and the adorable bond between Perdita, the mother and her pups. This post, despite the comparatively lower engagement score, had the highest number of Likes out of all the Mother’s Day posts.


Disney Mother's Day Posts


Masoom Pears – India

Engagement Score: 447

India is known for being a family focused society so high engagement is not unusual for a post about such a close family member, but maybe this is a watershed moment in that it was an Indian brand on Facebook that garnered the highest amount of engagement from its fans. The photos themselves are some rather yummy looking cakes.

Masoom Pears Mother's Day

Cadbury’s Celebrations – India
Engagement: 373

The second best engaging post is from an international brand but on a page that is geo-focused to the Indian markets. Just like with the Masoom Pears post, Cadbury’s has also chosen to go with a cake based theme, maybe an indication that in India, what people like most of all is Moms and cake!

Cadbury's Indua Mother's Day Post


Engagement: 354

As you might expect from a company that has built itself around sentiment, Disney chose the highly adorable image of Dumbo with his Mom for its Mother’s Day greeting. This post actually received the most number of shares out of all the Mother’s Day photos, but the engagement score is lower because we factor in the number of fans each page has and estimated number of impressions. Therefore to reach the same level of engagement as Masoom, Disney needed a few more Likes, Comments and Shares.

Disney Mother's Day Post

Vicks VapoRub

Engagement: 322

Quite how Vicks managed to turn vapor rub in to something that people will actively engage with is a tribute to their social media team. The unique and different message in the Mother’s Day photo is probably one of the reasons why so many people shared it.

Vicks VapoRub Mother's Day Posts

Domino’s – Australia
Engagement: 191

Australians have a reputation for being a no nonsense kind of people and that’s what came to mind when we saw this highly engaging Mother’s Day image. Where other brands have gone for beautiful photos, sentimental messages, Domino’s Australia has opted for some basic honest to goodness virtual flowers which say “there ya go, Mom, Happy Mother’s Day“.

Domino's Australia Mother's Day Post



Data Analysis Methodology

The Unmetric Engagement Score calculation is based on the number of Likes, Comments, Shares and estimated impressions, so a page with a lower fan base can still have a better engagement score than a page with a huge fan base even if they don’t get as many interactions. The formula for calculating the score has evolved over the years and currently falls in the range of 1-1,000. 

All data has been compiled using Unmetric Discover that tracks over 500 million pieces of branded content from over 100,000 major brands across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.