36 Most Engaging Father’s Day Social Media Posts


Ranjani Raghupathi

August 8, 2014 4 min read

Updated on May 17, 2019

Note – This post was first published in 2016, it has been updated multiple times, most recently in May, 2019. 

Special holidays are becoming more and more of a marketing bonanza for social media marketers, and why not? Unmetric has tons of evidence to show that emotional quotient wins over product updates in terms of engagement. As more and more brands leverage these occasions to connect with their Fans, there is a danger that it’ll become mechanized and people will grow weary of seeing their Newsfeed filled with sappy, sometimes funny, holiday greetings. In the meantime, since celebrating these days works so well right now, here is a list of the most engaging Father’s Day social media posts since the recent years.


1. Hyundai India

2. ICICI Bank

3. BarkBox

4. Disney

5. Rajshri

6. Star Wars

7. Minions

8. Micromax India

9. Nykaa

10. Planet of the Apes

11. Cincinatti Zoo & Botanical Garden

12. BYJU’S


1. Funko

2. Nintendo of America

3. Manchester United


5. NBA

6. Disney

7. Foot Locker

8. Xbox

9. Berger paints

10. B&M Stores

11. Fragrance Direct

12. Stella McCartney


1. Benefit Cosmetics

2. GoPro

3. Sephora

4. Jeep

5. Starbucks

6. KFC India

7. Red Bull

8. Nissan


10. Under Armour

11. Footlocker

12. Target

Brands are wholeheartedly embracing contests and giveaways to drive up engagement. Social media audiences, too, love freebies from their favorite brands. Instead of Posts that tug at your heart or poke your funny bone, brands are welcoming their Fans’ stories. And isn’t Father’s Day the perfect time to do this! Who doesn’t have a gem of a Dad joke to share?

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