17 Brands That Want Some Super Bowl Action No Matter What


Peter Claridge

February 1, 2015 6 min read

Updated on May 2, 2017

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It seems like there is no limit to the range of industries that can capitalize on the Super Bowl. We already know that Victoria’s Secret has found great success advertising its lingerie days before Valentine’s Day, but now we have wine brands, feminine products, yogurts, even wifi routers elbowing its way in to the brand noise.

While many media outlets will focus on the content from the Budweisers, Pepsi’s, Oreos, GoDaddy’s and T-Mobile, here’s a list of smaller brands that are trying to inject themselves in to the conversation, with varying degrees of success.

Wine Brands

I’ll have to check with my American colleagues here, but I was under the distinct impression that Super Bowl = beer. Budweiser, Bud Lite, perhaps a few micro-brews, was all the Super Bowl party needed in terms of beverages. Yet it is wine brands that were making more noise than beer brands on Twitter. Each one of them convinced that people would be pairing their pizza or chicken wings with a merlot.

However, with all the wine brands tweeting about the Super Bowl, there was only one true winner, and it came in the form of republished content. Last year, Jordan Winery put together their own version of Bad Lip Reading of the NFL. Riddled with wine and food references, it’s a great piece of branding for the company and something that’s easily shared by foodies and football fans alike.




Contests always work well, and Logitech drove over 45 replies on this tweet that featured an advert – smart move, Logitech! What’s more, the engagement on the tweet far exceeded anything the brand has published in the last thirty days.

Brownie Brittles

Oh yes, well played, Brownie Brittles, well played. I see what you did there. Unfortunately though, even this clever piece of content wasn’t enough to excite the community, generating just 2 retweets and 4 favorites.

Oikos Greek Yogurt

The official yogurt of the NFL encourages people to rethink their protein gameplan, and 50 people seem to agree, having retweeted or favorited the tweet.


Looking to change attitudes, Always is running a campaign that plays off its popular #LikeAGirl that blew up the Internet in the summer of last year. 

Marie Claire

Again, you must excuse my ignorance, I always thought that the football jersey of the team you favour (even if they were not playing) was de rigour for a Super Bowl party. Marie Claire points out that you can still look fabulous while celebrating a touchdown and a handy link is given to go and buy the apparel that’s featured.


Even non-profits get involved with the Super Bowl buzz. PETA lettuce ladies handing out vegan snacks in Phoenix caught the imagination as the organization rolled out its campaign to promote veganism during Sunday’s game. Multiple tweets with similar content were published, generating hundreds of retweets proving PETA certainly knows how to get Twitter talking about its campaign compared to some of the other brands in this list.


It would seem that brands are looking for any angle, however tenuous, to associate themselves with the Super Bowl. Duracell’s angle? The headphone and mic sets are powered by Duracell batteries. It would appear that people were quite impressed by this as the tweet received 49 retweets and 239 favorites.


Wondering what game day has to do with WiFi? The smart folks over at NetGear figured it out although it looks like their community of 17.7k followers weren’t too impressed as the tweet registered just 2 retweets.

Perhaps NetGear needs to focus more on it’s dangerous (and hence ultra-cool) looking routers which generate far more engagement for the brand.

Energy Star

Energy Star promises to have your back with its Super Bowl content strategy. Informative tweets explain how small changes can lead to big savings in electricity bills – and help the environment. It’s a shame that their 49.7k followers don’t seem to notice though, the tweets hardly got more than 10 retweets.


Wondering what real estate has to do with the Super Bowl? Well you have to watch the game somewhere, right? Zillow has found the perfect property to watch the game in, and having spent 20 minutes of my time seeing the pictures, I can confirm without a doubt that Zillow has found the perfect house in which to watch the game. I counted four different bars. Unfortunately though, the community wasn’t as excited by the content as I was and the tweet only got 9 retweets and 17 favorites.


The killjoys at WebMD want to remind us that game day food can pile on as much calories as you might eat in two days. They are so concerned that they’ve posted the same tweet multiple times, generating 38 retweets from other concerned citizens.


The only jewelry brand to be leveraging the Super Bowl thanks to its tie up with the NFL. However, with just just 12 retweets and 29 favorites, Pandora didn’t truly excite their community with this tweet. Perhaps a better strategy would have been to have used a Twitter card to promote this offer and link to the NFL charms page on their website – and while they are at it, give the NFL charms a little more prominence on their site, it is the right time to leverage it, afterall!


And last, but not least, Skittles keeps it real with their weird and wonderful tweets. It makes no sense whatsoever, but that’s the beauty of Skittles content and this tweet is bang on brand message.

In nearly all the examples above, it’s clear that many brands seem to be tweeting and publishing content for the sake of publishing content. There doesn’t seem to be an effective way to tie the content back to business objectives. This is one of the dangers of trying to inject your brand into the conversation when it’s neither warranted or wanted. We can’t all have our Oreo moment which is why it pays to think twice and plan well in advance on how your brand will leverage live events such as the Super Bowl.

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