15 Highly Engaging Pokemon Go Brand Posts


Darsana Vijay

July 21, 2016 3 min read

Updated on May 5, 2017

I’ll be honest with you. I am still half expecting the Pokemon Go fever to die down even though I don’t think it will anytime soon. I mean, what is there not to like? Pokemon Go is taking us millennials back to a time when we used to watch it on T.V. Add to that the dopamine blast you get out of actually going on a quest. As if we needed more reasons to glue our eyes to our phones. As you can see, I flit between excitement over AR going mainstream and complaining about the absurdity of adults losing it over a game.

I turned to Discover to see if brands too were going nuts over Pokemon Go. And guess what I found? There were about 12,000 pieces of Brand Content across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, in North America alone that mention Pokemon. Remember, this is in just two weeks! I dug a little deeper to identify certain trends in Pokemon Go content that won a lot of engagement for brands.


Most Pokemon Go Brand Content falls under one of the following three categories:

  1. The Lookwhoitis – Capturing (in the photographic sense of the term) a Pokemon
  2. The Pretender – Featuring a product like it were a Pokemon
  3. The Aid – Offering up a product as something that Pokemon hunters can use to help with their quest.

Let’s look at a few of the Brand Content that won a lot of engagement, in each category.

Type 1: The Lookwhoitis!

New York Rangers

We see what you did there, with the grab and Grabner!


Trimet stood out from the rest in this category, by extending a word of caution. There are quite a few Posts that advise people against going into restricted areas in search of rare Pokemons. Of the more imaginative ones is this Post by the U.S. Marines.

Denver Broncos

It’s pretty nice of Ponyta to swing by and pay a visit to the Broncos.
Holt Renfrew

Whether they actually found Jynx sneaking around the store or they edited her in, we do not know. But it sure is funny!

Too Faced

Jigglypuff seems to have found the perfect place to hide in this explosion of pink.

Loot Crate

Where’s the oddest place you’ve found a Pokémon? #pokemon #pokemongo #gottacatchemall #lootcrate

A photo posted by Loot Crate (@lootcrate) on

By combining this awesome find with great copy and packaging it as a contest, Loot Crate cashed in on engagement.

Type 2: The Pretender

Kwik Trip

I would throw my Pokeball to catch that.

J Swipe

This one is on the cusp, as the Jewish dating app ‘customized’ the most popular Pokemon rather than replace it with their product. But it had me in splits and I had to share it with you.

Lime Crime

Well, if you aren’t flipping out at how awesome this is, you probably don’t get it. Can’t think of a better way to show off your service and cash in on the Pokemon Go fever!

Red Mango

If you can’t really think of ways to pass off your product as a Pokemon, why not swear allegiance to one of the teams? Check out what Washington Capitals did in a similar vein. It definitely adds some color to the brand.


It helps if your product looks so much like a Pokeball already. This DIY makeover won Eos so much engagement, with Fans clamouring for this Pokemon Go themed lip balm container.

Type 3: The Aid

One Plus

This is just one out of so many Posts that advertise Powerbanks. Low battery is too commonplace a hurdle to come in the way of hunters, apparently.

Virginia Commonwealth University

They extended support for all the hunters in the campus by providing a map of all the Pokestops and gyms in the campus.


How do you feel about unlimited data to go with a battery that won’t quit?

Smoothie King

So that hunters don’t get drained out either


And the place that has it all.

By joining in on all the Pokemon Go excitement, brands come across as just another game-crazed Fan. This helps build the brand up as human.  It’s quite exciting to see so many innovative content ideas being executed perfectly. If you are stuck for content ideas, take a look at Discover. We have tonnes of brand content you can get inspiration from.

Note: Air New Zealand was featured on this list earlier. We still love their Post. This list focuses on brands from North America alone.

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