14 hilarious situations MarTech CMOs find themselves in


Ranjani Raghupathi

August 24, 2015 4 min read

Updated on May 2, 2017

It’s a tough life being a CMO. You’ve got a team to manage, a CEO and the head of sales to “answer” to, your marketing message needs to be consistent everywhere and there are way too many reports to look over. To top all this, there’s never been as much change in your industry as there is right now and the market always seems to be moving on. In your super busy schedule, here are a few small things that won’t fail to bring a wry smile to your day. 

1. Every single time an unknown start up reaches out to you for a quote to go in their latest blog post


2. Your email address might as well have a big sign saying “your target market” given how many email pitches you get in a day for apps the makers are convinced are going to save you millions of dollars


3. When your team is discussing who has more Twitter followers.


Let’s be honest, they can never cross the five digit benchmark you’ve set. (You hope!)

4. When your social team comes up with a great idea to spend loads of money marketing on a social network when your message lasts just 30 seconds.


5. One word: Millennials!


6. When the marketing consultant tells you that you that you should give away swag at events to get your brand ‘out there’


7. When the marketing manager has been convinced by a sales person that their media site gets banner clicks


8. The monthly review meetings when the junior analyst thinks they can bluff their way through with fancy charts.


But you know that the campaign didn’t make the impact the team promised it would.

9. When you spent the entire red-eye flight working on your presentation instead of getting some shut eye, you get up on stage for the first post lunch session and…


And speaking of events…

10.  When you’re onstage doing a presentation and you forget what you were going to say (because of that red-eye flight), but you continue on a different line of thought and no one notices.


11. But doing all those speaking slots is more than made up for when the company sends you to a “networking event” which is actually at a holiday destination.


12. When people send you “thank you”, “oh that was so interesting” replies to the email campaign your team wrote and sent out but you got to add your name to it


13. When the sales team insinuates in the board meeting that the marketing team hasn’t been sending quality leads


14. When you’re all ready to launch your new campaign and someone on the team notices that a close competitor is already using the same marketing message


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