13 Most Popular Christmas Posts From Brands


Peter Claridge

August 8, 2014 7 min read

Updated on September 18, 2019

Brands have jingled their way through Christmas season offering plenty of discount sales, gift vouchers and lucky draw prizes. Social Media marketing, especially on Facebook, has turned in to a vital cog in the marketing machines of large brands around the world as they fight harder than ever for consumer attention during the festive season.

Today, we are going to look at which brands were able to best leverage their Facebook pages to promote their offers, deals or simply to wish a Merry Christmas to all their fans – after all, getting your brand seen it just as important.

Based on the Unmetric Engagement Score that takes into consideration the number of Likes, Comments, Shares and Estimated Impressions that each brand’s post generates, we compiled this list of the most engaging Christmas posts. Note that because we factor in the number of impressions based on the number of fans, the score isn’t skewed towards brands with a huge number of fans.


Engagement Score: 6,476

We love social media for throwing up surprises like this. The most engaging post didn’t come from one of the big consumer brands but from European white goods and electrical home appliances major, Electrolux. It had a massive Engagement Score thanks to the disproportionately high number of Likes, Comments and Shares versus the relatively low number of fans. The post tries to capitalize on the general love for gingerbread cookies, especially during this season and what could be better than the opportunity to send to your friends, family and well-wishers their favourite gingerbread cookies in the form of Christmas greetings! A yummy Christmas post.


Electrolux Christmas Post

Santander UK

Engagement Score: 3,199

Santander UK, one of the world’s largest banks, was the second best in engaging users through its Christmas post of ‘12 days of Christmas Prize Draw‘. Santander had their 12 days of Christmas beginning on December 7th so that the winners could get their prizes by Christmas Day. The chance to win prizes and to vote for a charity that would be helped during this festive season saw many users responding to the post and participating in the draw, helping Santander UK to raise their fan engagement throughout December. There is nothing better than to see lady luck smile on you and shower free gifts during this festival of gifts! Once again, the number of Likes might be low compared to the big boys of social media, but the Santander UK page currently has less than 50,000 fans so the number of engaged users was proportionally very high.


Santander UK Christmas Post

Peugeot UK

Engagement Score: 2,749

Oh yay! A second British (have I made it obvious where I come from?!) page made it to the top 5! Peugeot UK’s post with the video of ace driver Ari Vatanen unveiling their new model – the Peugeot 208 Type R5 was launched just four days before Christmas. It had the tagline ‘”LIKE” if you want one under your tree this Christmas’. I can imagine there are not too many young, red blooded males who would say, “actually, I’d rather have the Beetle”. This post really connected with its users and fans with the discussion thread revolving around topics relating to the various Peugeot brands and their pros and cons and also comments about its latest launch. But whatever it might be, few would say ‘no’ to a gift like this!


Peugeot UK Christmas Post

Tigo Ghana

Engagement Score: 2,370

Well this is interesting, this high scoring post came all the way from the African nation of Ghana, where social media marketing is certainly still in the nascent stages. Tigo Ghana’s post had the tagline ‘share your smile and win prizes’ and was a contest to get people to submit their smiling photos for a chance to win prizes throughout the festive season! A brilliant, positive contest from Tigo! The post, along with many others, point to the fact that prizes, lucky draws and other contests nearly always brings in more engagement than routine posts – something that is seen around the world.


Tigo Ghana Christmas Post

G Adventures

Engagement Score: 1,459

Fifth on the list is this post by G Adventures highlighting New York as a top destination during the holidays. The question generated a lot of discussion from fans, which is why is scored so well. The post also got 5% of the fans to Like it, quite an achievement considering the page has over 400,000 fans in total. Where would the Unmetric team like to wake up for Christmas? Anywhere where it’s warm, the beach is on the doorstep and cocktails can be ordered on demand.


G Adventures Christmas Post

Cadbury Celebrations

Engagement Score: 978

Mmm, cake. I’m not sure if this appeals to our particular palettes, but in India they seem to like their cake dripping with chocolate. In India, people like to gift and send cakes during Christmas time, which is probably why this very amateur picture has done well, Indian Facebookers were sending virtual cakes to their friends.

Incredibly, sharing a virtual cake resulted in this post having the highest number of Shares out of any Christmas post. If you can’t gift cake in India, gift a virtual one.


Cadbury's Celebrations Chocolate Cake Post

Walt Disney World

Engagement Score: 885

The most Liked Christmas post on Facebook from a brand, this post from Walt Disney World generated over 160,000 Likes from its 11.6m fans. The Engagement Score isn’t higher because other brands got more people engaged relative to their fan numbers. It’s such a simple post, but Mickey and Minnie hold a special place in so many hearts, plenty of people were able to connect to it.


Walt Disney Christmas Post

Engagement Score: 807

Waiting till Christmas to open the gifts is a task that demands ounces of patience and restraint! I remember as a kid, walking downstairs at 6am to see all the presents, it was extremely tough to control the urge to open the gifts before Christmas Day! With its ‘Someone can’t wait till Christmas’ post, MINI, the small car brand by BMW is connecting to the inner child in all of us, when we waited until Christmas to unbox our toys.


Mini Christmas Post

Toys ‘R’ Us

Engagement Score: 777

For kids, any occasion means toys and more toys (and for the poor parents, it means money and yep, more money!). Christmas season is nirvana for children everywhere when, err, Santa goes to Toys ‘R’ Us to shower gifts and toys around the world. Toys “R” Us’s’ Christmas Sale post connected well with one can only assume are the parents to the Ruperts and Catherines of the world. Being a sale offer ad also had the advantage of parents sharing the post to help out fellow Santas.


Toys R Us Christmas Post

Cadbury Celebrations

Engagement Score: 714

If one cake is not enough, why not have two?! Cadbury Celebrations feature for a second time in this list with another round chocolate cake posed on Christmas Day, wishing everyone a Merry Christmas. With the brand’s focus on the Indian markets, it touches on the sweet tooth of Indians for whom festivals are never complete without distribution of sweets and chocolates. For anyone who has ever tried the traditional Indian sweets, you know what I’m talking about when I say they are sweet!


Cadbury's Celebration Christmas Post

The Big Bang Theory

Engagement Score: 564

Currently my favourite TV show, but am I at risk of being a bit hipster if I say it’s not so cool now that everyone thinks it’s cool? For any fan of BBT, you should instantly recognize the relevance of the t-shirt below, true fans will be humming the tune right now. This post by the Big Bang Theory urges shoppers to finish their shopping at CBS stores to avoid Christmas rush and gained the most number of comments out of the top 13 Christmas posts. This post also promotes online shopping at CBS stores. But it has a lower engagement score despite the large number of comments (that too in different languages!) because of its huge fan base of 24,205,615 users that makes its engagement look small compared to others.


Big Bang Theory Christmas Post

Victoria’s Secret

Engagement Score: 412

Woo hoo! Finally a legitimate reason to be logged on to the Victoria’s Secret page during office hours. “Why are you looking at ladies in sexy underwear?” “purely research, see?”. Posted on Christmas Day, this post was sure to get a few pulses racing and may have resulted in a few requests for a visit from a sexy santa! Victoria’s Secret, America’s leading chic women’s clothing and accessories retailer’s post definitely set a few hearts on fire and it shows, being the second most Liked Christmas post of 2012.


Victoria's Secret Christmas Post


Engagement Score: 391

Here’s the second post from Disney to feature in this year’s top Christmas posts on Facebook. It was also the third most Liked and third most commented Christmas post, showing that a simply question can lead to high fan engagement. At Christmas, Disneyland’s New Orleans Square trades its colorful Mardi Gras beads in for bigger ones — known as Christmas ornaments. New Orleans Square is also home to one of Disneyland’s most popular attraction: Haunted Mansion Holiday.


Disneyland Christmas Post
There’s no better time to promote your brands than during the festive season! It’s a time for sales offers, lucky draws, lights and decorations and chocolates and cakes. Brands have capitalized on these to have a bumper Christmas season. We hope you all had a fantastic Christmas, we’ll see you all again in 2018, have a happy and safe New Year!




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