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11 Social Media Experts We Love on Twitter


Vikas Bysani

May 11, 2015 5 min read

Updated on May 2, 2017


If you’re a social media manager or involved in marketing, take a look at the following list of thought leaders and social media experts that frequently tweet useful advice and articles to help you keep an eye on the up and up of social.

1. Jon Loomer

What does he do: Freelance Consultant
Where does he blog: http://www.jonloomer.com/
What excites him: Facebook Ads
Follow him: @JonLoomer

Why you should follow Jon:

Social Media Examiner named Jon Loomer’s blog as one of “The Top Social Media Blogs” for three years and running. Jon’s website contains content around how businesses can efficiently use social media, especially Facebook as a platform for advertising and Facebook Analytics. Some of his interesting articles are The 4-Step approach to Effective Facebook Ad Targeting, How to Drive More Website traffic with Facebook Ads and How to analyze your Facebook Metrics to improve your Marketing. Jon also has a YouTube Channel that is a treasure trove of content for marketers.

2. John Haydon

What does he doAuthor of Facebook for Dummies
Where does he bloghttp://www.johnhaydon.com
What excites himDigital PR and Facebook
Follow him@johnhaydon

Why you should follow John:

Apart from literally writing the book on Facebook (Facebook Marketing for Dummies), John is a regular contributor to Huffington Post, NPEngage and Social Media Examiner. Topics that John is well verse with include Facebook, Online Fundraising, Email Marketing, Pinterest Marketing, Website Design & Social Media Strategy.

3. Laura Fitton

What does she doKey Note Speaker & Social Media Consultant
Where does she blog: http://www.inbound.com/blog
What excites herTwitter, Start ups and Twitter Tools
Follow her@Pistachio

Why you shold follow Laura:

Laura Fitton, popularly known as Pistachio is currently the CEO of oneforty.com, which was acquired by Hubspot. Laura also co-authored Twitter for Dummies and also has been credited with convincing Guy Kawasaki of the business potential to found on Twitter. We love her as she is one of the first people to understand and build Twitter Tools that help businesses. Don’t miss her article on Inc. where she explains the power of harnessing data for effective social media marketing.


4. Adam Houlahan

What does he doLinkedIn Expert & Author
Where does he bloghttp://www.adamhoulahan.com
What excites him: LinkedIn
Follow him@AdamHoulahan

Why you should follow Adam:

He regularly presents specialising in Social Media for small to medium businesses and also wrote Social Media Secret Sauce, a book that helps readers build a strong social media presence and follower base, content and branding. Adam also partnered with Hootsuite, the social media publishing platform in 2015. Adam provides plenty of tips and content for brands looking to be established on social and digital on his blog.

5. Melonie Dodaro

What does she doAuthor of the LinkedIn Code and Keynote Speaker 
Where does she bloghttp://topdogsocialmedia.com/blog/
What excites herLinkedIn and Social Selling
Follow her@MelonieDodaro

Why you should follow Melonie:

Melonie Dodaro is the author of The Linked In Code, a book that helps sales teams achieve business objectives using social networks. Melonie is all the CEO of Top Dog Social Media, a firm that specializes in social media marketing. Some interesting content from her blog include Social selling in 30 minutes a day and How to build an email list using social media.

6. Viveka von Rosen

What does she doLinkedIn Expert & Author
Where does she bloghttp://linkedintobusiness.com/my-blog/
What excites her: LinkedIn Marketeing
Follow her@VivekavonRosen

Why you should follow Viveka:

Viveka Von Rosen is the author of Linked In Marketing: An Hour a Day, a book that helps readers grow and manage their community on social. She also helps in creating and optimizing their presence on LinkedIn. Viveka is the CEO of Linked into Business and also has been recognized by Forbes as one of the top social media influencers. Her website contains resources, tips and articles that help marketers with their social strategies. Viveka also talks about the importance of analytics in her article 9 Linkedin metrics to keep your eye on.

7. Sue B. Zimmerman

What does she doInstagram Expert
Where does she bloghttp://www.suebzimmerman.com/blog/
What excites her: Instagram
Follow her@SueBZimmerman

Why you should follow Sue:

Instagram, being one of the newer social networks, left businesses puzzled as the layout and functionality are different from Facebook and Twitter. Enter Sue B. Zimmerman, an Instagram expert that helps professionals and brands establish a presence on Instagram. Sue is the creator of Instaresults, a course that helps increase traffic and sales on Instagram. She is also the author of Instagram Basics for your Business.

8. Anna Bennett

What does she doPinterest Marketing Expert and Consultant
Where does she bloghttp://www.whiteglovesocialmedia.com/
What excites her: Pinterest
Follow her@acadizbennett

Why you should follow Anna:

Anna Bennett focuses on how brands can supercharge traffic and sales growth using Pinterest. Anna has been featured on Forbes  and is the owner of White glove social media  a firm that helps business achieve their objectives using social media.  Her website includes courses that help professionals understand how Pinterest can be used in business. Anna also has her own Youtube channel. Which includes content for marketers looking to make an impact on Pinterest.

9. Caleb Wojcik

What does he doFounder of DIY Video
Where does he bloghttp://www.calebwojcik.com/
What excites himYoutube, Video Marketing, Web Creatives
Follow him@CalebWojcik

Why you should follow Caleb:

Caleb runs website that helps visitors make better video for marketing purposes and had previously co-founded Fizzle. His website contains content that help with creating more optimized video content.

10. Dan Zarella

What does he doSocial Media Scientist
Where does he bloghttp://danzarrella.com/
What excites himSocial Media Metrics and Analytics
Follow him@danzarrella

Why you should follow Dan:

Dan Zarrella is the award-winning social media scientist at HubSpot and author of four books: The Science of Marketing, Zarrella’s Hierarchy of Contagiousness, The Social Media Marketing Book and The Facebook Marketing Book. Dan also build a tool called Tweet Psych that creates a psychological profile of any public Twitter account and compares it to the thousands already in the database.

11. Olivier Blanchard

What does he doSenior Partner KGB Global
Where does he bloghttp://olivierblanchard.net/
What excites himSocial Media ROI
Follow him@thebrandbuilder

Why you should follow Olivier:

Olivier Blanchard is the author of “Social Media ROI, a book that helps organizations manage and measure their social media efforts. Olivier has extensive experience working with both B2C and B2b companies and now helps companies develop digital strategies.


Who would make your list of social media people to follow on Twitter? To see more social media experts we love, check out our Beyond the Numbers interview series which talks to the men and women working in the trenches of social media analytics.


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