10 facts everyone working in the data age knows to be true


Ranjani Raghupathi

September 16, 2015 3 min read

Updated on May 2, 2017

Big data seems to be taking over business analytics. While everyone is talking about them, only those who work with data on a daily basis understand the real challenge. Here are a few facts you know to be true as a real life data analyst.

1. You seem to spend a lot more time entering data into sheets.


2. But less understanding what they mean.


3. Your data sources decide to go off sync all the time. The numbers on GA rarely match with the numbers on other analytics platforms.


4. Your boss always has questions on performance but never has time to check out the report that you spent hours creating.


5. Everyone keeps asking why it takes so long to fill out a bunch of numbers on a few spreadsheets.


6. No one wants to do your job even the one time you’re on holiday.


7. You know you could be doing so much more, changing the world even, but the damn numbers won’t let you.


8. You’ve (almost) mastered excel. You know every formula and hack there is.


9. The way you look at things has changed. You’ve got the fabled “data first” outlook.


10. In spite of all this hardship, you secretly know this experience will give you an edge for the next promotion.



But that doesn’t stop it from being the thankless job it is right now. While the rest of the world doesn’t recognize all the hard work you do behind the scenes and without glory, we feel you social media analysts and we want to make sure you get your due.


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