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[infographic] How Oreo Took a Controversial Stand and Achieved an Epic Social Media Win

This post originally appeared on the Pivotcon blog on the 17th July. It has been republished in its entirety here. Graphics created by the Pivotcon team.

On June 25th, Oreo dropped an unexpected bombshell on its community: a post on their Facebook page which came out in full support for Gay Pride. Most consumer packaged goods wouldn’t touch a topic like this, but perhaps the social media team at Kraft were emboldened by the positive response Obama received for his post about same-sex marriage (which broke a few Facebook records along the way).

No doubt there were some tense meetings at Kraft HQ as the support split and divided opinion.… Continue Reading...

Kraft Foods Finds Love On Valentine’s Day

They say that for many cultures food is the language of love and we’ve all heard the saying that many women claim the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach (although someone with a little less romance in them might say that it’s through his chest).

Now @KraftFoods is probably not one of the first companies that springs to mind when it comes to this international day of love, for that we have Hallmark, but that hasn’t stopped them running one of the most successful social media campaigns for Valentine’s Day.

By combining their hugely popular @Mac n Cheese brand, a bit of cheesy romance and a splash of good old CSR, Kraft created a hugely engaging Twitter campaign.… Continue Reading...