Posted by Aditi Raghavan on Feb 27, 2015

Awesome Reports, Fan feelings with Sentiment and more

Here at Unmetric, we're constantly innovating and improving to give users the best experience on our platform. In just the last week,we added not one, not two, but six (s-i-x!) awesome additions to the platform - Configurable Reports, Customizable Sentiment, Share Link, Pinterest Influencers, Tweets via Twitter ads and an elevated version of our Facebook Insights feature. Here is what each feature is about:

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Posted by Aishwarya Krishnamurthy on Feb 19, 2015

Can NPH outdo Ellen’s selfie and pizzas at the Oscars this year?

The 2014 Oscars were pretty epic - Gravity won 7 awards, Matthew McConaughey won his first Oscar; while Leo didn’t (*sad face*). But the one thing that was more popular than any win last year was show host Ellen DeGeneres' (or should we say Bradley Cooper’s) selfie that broke Twitter and the pizza party that she threw!

The day time host, who consistently generates insane amounts of engagement on social media, took the awards night to another level with her amicable style. Even more than just being a rewarding night for members of the arts and entertainment fraternity, we saw a ton of brands “winning” as well.

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Posted by Rick Liebling on Feb 12, 2015

3 Things You Need To Know About Facebook's Ad Relevance Score

Yesterday it was announced that Facebook would be rolling out its Ad Relevance Score to all advertisers. The Relevance Score was originally discovered and reported on back in November by Adweek’s SocialTimes site. In a nutshell, the Relevance Score provides a metric for understanding how positively your ad is being received. A 10 means people are highly engaged in a positive manner, a one means your ads are being hidden or reported as spam.

With more and more social content being pushed with paid advertising to generate reach, it's more important than ever to know how your content is performing from an organic and paid standpoint.

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Posted by Aishwarya Krishnamurthy on Feb 7, 2015

Arby's wasn't the only real time marketing hit at the Grammy Awards

Ever since the infamous Oreo Moment in 2013, it has been the goal of every brand, and the bane of every advertiser’s existence to out-do, or at the very least replicate the virality of that tweet at a live event. With viewers now following brand activity on social media with as much enthusiasm as the event itself, it has become necessary for brands to not just join an event based conversation, but really stand out and be heard above the noise.

But, what makes real time marketing (RTM) magic?  

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Posted by Peter Claridge on Feb 1, 2015

17 Brands That Want Some Super Bowl Action No Matter What

It seems like there is no limit to the range of industries that can capitalize on the Super Bowl. We already know that Victoria’s Secret has found great success advertising its lingerie days before Valentine’s Day, but now we have wine brands, feminine products, yogurts, even wifi routers elbowing its way in to the brand noise.

While many media outlets will focus on the content from the Budweisers, Pepsi’s, Oreos, GoDaddy’s and T-Mobile, here’s a list of smaller brands that are trying to inject themselves in to the conversation, with varying degrees of success.

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Posted by Peter Claridge on Jan 31, 2015

Keep Track of Real Time Marketing With Event Pulse

The rise of real time marketing over the last couple of years has been unstoppable. It's got to the point where brands are not asking whether they should be capitalizing on live events or current happenings, but how they should be going about it. Real time marketing is disrupting advertising like never before.

From a traditional marketing standpoint, the Super Bowl has always been about the TV ads. The big brands can afford 60 second commercials that run in to millions of dollars and run month long campaigns just to build buzz around the commercial. It all comes with a price tag that smaller or more thrifty brands can't even dream of matching.

But do brands even need big budgets any more to create an impact? Our Head of Marketing, Rick Liebling doesn't think so, "For years, the focus was on the 30-second TV spot, but with social media and consumers embracing the second-screen, brands can create compelling content on the fly without spending $4.5million to show an ad."

From clients to over-worked journalists, we've been receiving more and more requests from people to see a list of brands that are engaged in real time marketing for live events. Clients need to watch, analyze and compare the efforts of brands, learn from mistakes and successes. Journalists need to file stories on a deadline.

There is a huge demand to see a filtered, focused live stream of brand content during live events, which is why we have created Event Pulse.

In the words of our CEO, Lux Narayan, "In a world of fast-moving messages and paid social media, marketers must not only listen to what consumers are saying, but also stay on top of how competitors and other brands are successfully leveraging major events with engaging, inspirational and creative content."

Event Pulse gives any marketer, creative agency or journalist a live stream of brand-only content that's being published before, during and after a live event. It beats any other social media listening tool because Unmetric only shows the content from its database of over 17,000 verified brand Twitter handles.

What does this mean for you? When you watch the live stream of content, you are not getting the noise of millions of users on Twitter talking about the touchdown, you're getting brand reactions, comments and pro-active content on what's happening.

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Posted by Ranjani Raghupathi on Jan 29, 2015

5 Last Minute Tips For Doing Real Time Marketing During the Super Bowl

If you’re one of the brands that haven’t charted out a strategy to crash the big game this weekend and harvest your best ever results on social media, we’ve got just the thing for you.

In our last cross-continent marketing team conference, the big topic of discussion was game time marketing. As we were charting out our own game plan using insights gleaned from the Unmetric platform, we uncovered multiple different ways to leverage the event and wanted to share them with you.   

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Posted by Peter Claridge on Jan 28, 2015

How to use Twitter Analytics to Uncover Starbucks’ Paid Tweet Strategy

In the analytics world there is data, insights and the hardest of all: actionable insights.

Data could be something as simple as saying an auto brand grew its fanbase on Facebook by 6% in the previous quarter. An insight would say that 6% growth was three times higher than the industry average.

An actionable insight would say that when the auto brand capitalized on pop culture it saw more shares which correlated to surges in growth rate, therefore the takeaway for a social media manager is that keeping tabs on Internet pop culture can help boost engagement and fan growth.

But not every metric lets you create an actionable insight, does it?

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Posted by Aishwarya Krishnamurthy on Jan 27, 2015

The Unlikely Heroes of the Super Bowl Advertising Game

Technology has decreased the distance between brands and consumers, and never more so than in an event like the Super Bowl. Instead of just releasing their commercial on the night of the game, in 2014, we found that brands started releasing teasers, or in some cases their entire ad, well before the actual event. While official brand sponsors try to get the most bang for their buck, it is often ambush marketing, or real time marketing, that captures people’s attention.

Whether an official sponsor or not, brands understand the importance of having a well thought out strategy for the Super Bowl telecast. And with as many as 111.4 million viewers in 2014, and even more predicted this year, brands have come up with creative, and sometimes legendary ways to make sure they leave no stone unturned when it comes to their Super Bowl Social Media Game.

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Posted by Aishwarya Krishnamurthy on Jan 23, 2015

Looking Back at the Awesome Social Media Campaigns of 2014

In discussing the finalists to put in our “Awesome Things Brands Did in 2014” infographic, our marketing team took a nostalgic trip through all the amazing campaigns that brands put out last year. We found that although the numbers pointed to a couple of clear winners in terms of raw numbers, each member of our team had a different favorite campaign.

Our resident sports nut couldn’t stop raving about Nike’s “Last Game” commercial, and no one was surprised when I (resident crazy dog lady) chose the Budweiser “BestBuds” as my favorite of the entire year. These were two of the most popular commercials in terms of views on YouTube, which is unsurprising as the commercials were associated with two of the biggest sporting events in the world!

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