Monthly Archives: September 2013

Haven’t watched the season finale yet? Netflix to the rescue!

Netflix has launched a new application to prevent social media activity from spoiling your favorite TV shows you haven’t had time to watch. Facebook has released new updates to its Android mobile app. It adds the ability to edit your …

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Week 38 Top Automotive Brand Videos

Hold it right there. Did I say Top Automotive Brand Videos and not Viral Brand Videos? Umm… That’s new. This week I decided to give the viral videos a rest and decided to look at the top videos from one …

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Control what you see with a blink of an eye!

Mallomars is celebrating its 100th anniversary with a Facebook based user-generated content promotion that ties in with a sweepstakes. Lipton is combining both mobile and social media in an effort to promote a new line of hot and cold tea …

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