Monthly Archives: August 2013

Week 35 – Music Helps These Brands Go Viral

You know how they say music is food for the soul? Well, it’s amazing how these viral videos told us the exact same thing this week. Out of the five videos, three of them heavily bank on music: coincidence or …

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Top Retail Brands Get Their Grade Card For Back To School Campaigns

It’s that time of the year again, time to stack your child’s wardrobe and study table with everything they’ll need for the academic year ahead. Of course, the big retail stores have no plans to make back to school shopping …

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Eight O’clock Coffee befriends the Red Bag

In a brand refresh attempt, Eight O’clock Coffee is running a social media driven sweepstakes based on the Red Bag collection launched at Fashion Week. US Open has fabricated a 50 foot wall to display social media commentary of the …

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