Monthly Archives: July 2013

Lexus Creates Awesome Instagram Movie, Chipotle Hacks Itself & LinkedIn Becomes More Like Facebook

In this weekly roundup of all things social and brand related we find that Lexus has created a truly awesome video, crowdsourced from hundreds of Instagrammers, Chipotle fake hacks itself, much to the chagrin of the Twitter community (or joy …

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Week 30 Top Brand Viral Videos: Does Samsung want to make you cry?

We’re back after our short break with the viral videos of the week. This week surprised us with extremes of ‘emo’ and a laugh out loud funny. We saw the two extreme ends when it came to video length too; …

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The Top Performing US Spirit Brands on Social Media

We are all in pursuit of finding the perfect drink to lift our spirits, quench our souls and ease the weight on our shoulders. On the other end Spirit Brands across the United States are looking for fun and exciting …

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