Monthly Archives: June 2013

Week 26 Top Viral Brand Videos: Cute Pugs, Adorable Kids & Making Babies

This week’s Top 5 Viral Videos seems to be a trail mix of videos from different sectors. While 2 of the videos are less than 20 seconds the rest are longer than a minute and a half, which is a …

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How much is NewsJacking worth? A 0.7 % increase in Twitter Followers.

NewsJacking. It’s everywhere. Somewhere out there between the Cronut and Get Lucky, it’s the hottest fad that every Brand wants to see, hear and do. Every couple of months, we see a Brand on top of Twitter trends, refreshing the …

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Hilton Guests Show Their Hamptonality, Twitter Partners with Viacom, and Evian Wants You to Wimbledon Wiggle

Evian water wants you to wiggle your booty to win cool prizes while Facebook has been making the news a lot this week with the rollout of new analytics features. YouTube thinks more brands should be copying Red Bull and …

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