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Week 3 Top Viral Brand Videos – BNP Paribas Claims Bankers Can Be Ethical

This week, we’re going to take you across Europe and America with the top viral brand videos of the last 7 days. It’s an eclectic mix, and even those pesky bankers, not in the good books of most people, are making a spirited attempt to rebrand themselves as being responsible. This week, people seem to have had more time on their hands as the average length of the videos is two minutes.

#1/ Hugo Boss, #HUGO Fashion Show Fall 2013 Trailer

Berlin? The fashion center of the world? I wouldn’t have thought it, but for a few days at least, all eyes will be on Berlin as Germany luxury fashion and style house, HUGO BOSS, launches their Fall 2013 collection.… Continue Reading...

The 14 Most Improved Brands on Facebook in 2012

This report was originally published on the Business2Community website on the 17th January. It has been republished on the Unmetric blog.

2012 was a great year for social media. Most brands have moved on from counting Likes to focusing on their content strategy and building engagement with their community. We also saw the rise of customer service being handled over social media which raises the question again: who owns social media in the company? The smarter companies have figured out that every single employee owns social media and have adjusted their business accordingly. Just take a look at JetBlue, which is able to answer thousands of tweets a month in just 15 minutes or less – that doesn’t happen unless there is a monumental shift in the backend support processes.… Continue Reading...

Week 2 Top Viral Brand Videos – No One Can Beat Mom & Dad

While special offers continuing from the festive season still tend to attract users, there are also videos that come with New Year messages and resolutions that are attracting viewers. Brands have captured on positive themes like pro-nature products and Sharing Everything as campaigns for the start of this year.

#1/ Coca-Cola Argentina, Each bottle has a future

Coca Cola has been a regular fixture in our weekly roundup of top viral brand videos. They use a single account to post all their region and language specific videos, where other brands choose to have country specific YouTube accounts. According to a colleague who speaks better Spanish than I do (which is limited to “dos grande cerveza, por favor”), this video from Argentina explains how plastic bottles can be recycled.… Continue Reading...