Monthly Archives: December 2012

13 Most Popular Christmas Posts From Brands

Brands have jingled their way through Christmas season offering plenty of discount sales, gift vouchers and lucky draw prizes. Social Media marketing, especially on Facebook, has turned in to a vital cog in the marketing machines of large brands around …

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Week 52 Top Viral Brand Videos – Desigual Rules The Charts

Guten tag! As they like to say in Germany. It turns out that this is a very apt greeting because the top video of this week’s top 5 viral brand videos comes from Germany. Infact, four out of the five …

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Pinterest Nukes a Million Spammer Accounts – Mom is Pleased

The interwebs was abuzz late last week as Pinterest wielded the dreaded Axe of Spammer Death and banished spam accounts to the deepest depths of hell. Since Pinterest opened its doors to everyone your Mom & Grandma on 2nd August, …

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