Sweet New Look For Unmetric's Platform

Posted on Nov 2, 2012

Behind the scenes, we are always tinkering with the mechanics that go in to making the platform the most sophisticated competitive social media intelligence platform for big brands. On the frontend, regular users and clients have always commented on the clean lines that places the data front and center with minimal graphical distractions. We do make small UI and UX changes every now and then, but shortly we'll be rolling out a whole new look - while retaining the design essence that everyone already loves.

The screenshot below shows the new look dashboard. Gone are the three panel carousels, now all the brands in your group are shown on a single page.

New Look Unmetric Dashboard

The User Interface has been cleaned up even more. We've dropped a lot of the grays and gone for more pastel blues which (we hope!) is more pleasing on the eye. The navigation between groups, time periods and analysis tabs has also been improved.

We've also spent a lot of time looking at the User Experience. There are more rollovers and quick access options. You can now do far more with far less clicks. One UX addition is the ability to give custom names for each of your groups. Once inside, you'll find that adding brands to groups has also been improved so you can now add multiple brands much quicker.

Here's a screenshot of the comparison tab for Facebook. If you've already used Unmetric before, you'll instantly recognize the look and feel, but the cleaner colors and lines make the data jump off the page.

New Unmetric Comparison Page

The new look platform will be rolled out shortly, but this is to give y'all a heads up and something to look forward to. When you get to use the new look, we certainly hope that you'll fall in love all over again with the Unmetric platform.

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Peter Claridge
Peter is an avid writer and blogger, gets excited by social media metrics and dreams that one day he will play for Manchester United.
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